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Trump's Biggest Gamble
As the Trump team prepares to dismantle every U.S. mechanism for reducing climate change, there will be dramatic responses by those who understand the urgency of the problem. We are already seeing the early stages of war breaking out between climate savvy ...

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Free webinar: How to preserve biodiversity with the study of genetics
•What: Free interactive webinar with Oulu University
• When: December 16 at 16:00 UTC
• Where: Online, join from wherever you are!

Are you concerned about endangered species and the evolutionary changes? Join this free interactive webinar December 16 with Oulu University from Finland and hear how you can make a difference with the Master’s degree in Ecology and Population Genetics.

Find more information here:

Oulu University will train you into a future leader in conservation biology and environmental ecology. You will gain wide knowledge in ecology and population genetics of plant, animal and fungal species, with an emphasis on endangered species and ecosystems.

Do not miss the opportunity to join us online December 16 and hear about your possibilities to take your career to the next level!

To save your spot in the webinar, sign up now:

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Wildlife profile - Hedgerow insects springtime - RSPB Rainham Marshes. Butterflies, bees, caterpillars and amazing biodiversity in a British hedgerow. #wildlife   #wildlifephotography   #naturephotography   #hedgerows  

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International journal of Natural Disasters & Health Security

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Collapse's Silver Lining
Maryland's Energy Administration can claim the lion's share of the progress in greenhouse gas reduction for the state over the past seven years, though several facets of the EmPOWER Maryland Program are led by other agencies. Transportat...

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No Peaking
T he human world's consumption of energy and consequent production of waste heat shown on the graph here reminds me of the microbial activity observed in my compost piles by way of temperature readings. The scale would need adjusting to read in degrees Fahr...

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Healing the Land
R estoring habitat is not limited to wilderness preservation. Significantly more biodiversity can also be had by improving landscapes around our built environments. Many private residences are prime opportunities for owners to boldly transform lawns and lot...

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