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#Ionic and #AngularJS in tandem provide many benefits for cross-platform mobile app development, like a library of optimized HTML, JS, and CSS tools.

Find Out Major Advantages of Combining Ionic and AngularJS Development Services.

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This tutorial from Scott Gress (@sgress454) explains how to swap out Grunt for Webpack in your Node.js/Sails.js app.

Disabling Grunt (Sails docs):

Community resources:

Or partner with us:

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Created a Hangman-Game with NodeJs(SailsJs) and AngularJs

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hi Guys, anybody used Skipper-gridfs? i cannot put typemime in my Document's mongo gridfs. 

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Hi Guys, i was just created Simple TODO App with sails and angular js. it will be helpful for beginners .. :)

Duda! a la hora de codificar un modelo recursivo, por ejemplo un usuario puede tener usuarios con las mismas categorias, como lo hago? ya que le puse al modelo user el atributo


Pero me crea una tabla user_userfather__user_userfather con un id y user_userfather.

Gracias por leer..

Hi!! I'm newbie in SailsJS.. one question, i am make website in Sails, and have next items user, stock, administrator. each I have to make an api?
Sorry for my English, is bad!! haha!!

someone have one example of auth using local, facebook and google?
i don't find a full tutorial on internet.
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