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I came across your website and really enjoyed reading through it. I wanted to see if you were open to guest contributions? I work for and we're looking to contribute articles about home improvement and decor and think your website would be a great fit!
Here are a couple examples of recent articles our writers have written:

Let me know if you're interested and we can get started right away!


Can someone please explain how to transfer all the all contents on my Cell phone to my Computer??

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I have a new computer I'm setting up. I built it. The first day I saw the Bios boot up and I put it away till this weekend to finish the OS install. It boots doesn't see the monitor. It is doing strange things to me. I didn't hear any beeps to read the codes. It turns on. I have a Z87 pro board. I really don't hear the chip working like before the boot to bios. I changed the chip out. It didn't fix the problem. Does anybody have a any suggestions. Is my board bad. It turn on the numbers inside it read 99.

help..  thinking about changing the motherboard out. I have another one here. 

Need some advice. My laptop has a bad motherboard, but the only thing really affected is the clock. Will having bad time cause serious problems? Right now I have windows set to resync the time several times each day. Is that workable or am I asking for trouble?

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Hey guys! I am fixing a dell dimension 4100 PC for a friend. Whenever I start it up, it gives 1 long beep, and 2 short beeps, then after 1 sec. Of silence it gives 2 short beeps. my monitor is blank too. What's going on and how do I fix it?

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Hello i have not got a problem at this moment but you know how computers are like woman . Once you think you have figured out something, always surprised to find that there is something else.or No matter how it looks, it's what's inside that counts.
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