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Let me make this clear anime pictures only no real pictures you will have a day to remove them or get banned

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Name; gray
Age; unknown
bio; unknown
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seven had been in the humans town by accident but however got beat up and run out you saw the fight and followed me you then?

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Name: shadow
Age: looks 10 but is really 16
Gender: female
Sexuality: bi
Height: 4'2
Weight: approximately 150 lbs
Likes: helping others, music, books, and drawing
Dislikes: being around groups
Other: she hates eating people and will often distance herself from everybody to avoid it, and she has a special connection with zwei
Bio: she doesn't remember much of her past
Personality: quiet, shy
Mean/good: carries on her mood
Are you a meat eater or do you refuse to eat people: refuses to eat people

Shadow: is walking around the streets bored

Shadow: is walking around the streets bored

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I walk around the alleyways in the human territory, sneaking by, waiting for someone to let their guard down so I can kill them..and eat..
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you notice me walking around the humans part of town not knowing about it you notice I have a old bite mark on my wrist that hasn't healed its only been a few days since someone released him from his tank

((He is a zombie and has no name and im not descriptive or detailed))
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I wonder the city the look of hunger in my eyes hmm? Do those bastardly humans really think they can hide forever. ...I'LL FIND YOU!! YOU CAN'T HIDE! licks my lips
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is walking around the pitch black tunes tearing apart any moving things i can see obviously only capable of seeing things that move
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