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Welcome to MLP fans! 7/7/17
If you enjoy My little pony, whenever it's the first generation to the 4th generation that you've
came to the right place.
The original rules were by +Carol lancho™ but there was edits to the rules to make it right.
!!Just follow the rules BELOW!!

(Edited rules by +Maple (For somereason can not tag current name)
Please do not post spam.
Do not post spoilers without fair warning
Do not be rude to anyone.
Please do not advertise your community here.
Do not cuss, we have young children here, we want to make this a safe enviroment.
Do not post Reshare posts
Do not post something irrevelant (Un related) to MLP
Do not post anything inappropriate
Do not steal art or OCs
If you post sexual content here, you get an immediate ban
If you are a raider/hater, you get an immediate ban

Contact Mods/Owners here if someone has broken a rule-

+The Fallen Goo (Why can't I tag myself ? .-.)
+Carol lancho™
+scribbledots (So weird that I can not tag your current name)
But the mod named Carol Lancho can be busy some times so the other mods above are more active and will probably respond almost immediately. :)

Other mods either quitted google + (Maybe) wanted to be a normal member, was demoted and/or due to unactivity AND like an old one back then, strikes innocent people and/or
has betrayed the community. If you know what I mean.

Mods/Owners may suggest memembers that have followed the rules, reported people who break the rules, and are active enough.

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Hey I'm wanting to sketch Luna but which is better
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Nightmare moon

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a little not really art dump

all art is mine
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Art dump old and new.
Not all characters are mine.
The yellow pony with purple and pink mane is mine.
The cheebie headshot with red and blue mane is mine.
The rest are not.
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Paper Hearts

OC: Star Shimmer; is my own OC

Inspired by listening to this: (before you say that's just a cover, I know, and I've heard the original, I just prefer, and was inspired by the cover)

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I'm open for art requests. If you are interested, please put two O.C.'s and tell me which picture to draw with(1 and 2(left to right)) in the comments below. I will send the picture to you once it is finished.

* Please note that you have to show me the colors(for hairstyles, skin, eye, and etc.) and dresses (with color) I will have to use. *
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Test flight Animatic

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I drew this tonight! Im tired but planning on doing celestia soon.:D

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Hello everyone!

I know it's been so long since I last posted on here, but this time it's important. I am running low on money to afford the things I need to survive. Things like food, water, gas money, clothing, etc. My parents used to send me a weekly allowance, but they feel like I'm getting too old to be getting money from them and think that I should make money on my own.

So my commissions are open.

And please believe me, they are very cheap! All below $20!

I am not asking a lot here, just some money to help me afford things that I need, not want. If you would like more information about my commissions, here is the link!
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