Task 6 Option 2: Design an activity that explores sequences of instructions.
This activity is integrated with English and Science. The task is to write a procedure how to cook pasta using a step by step method. In science we looked at how pasta is cooked and the different elements it needs to be cooked. For the writing task we then wrote out the Ingredients followed by the method using a stepped process.
Students to the best of their writing ability had a go at writing out each step. Students had visuals for each step to support writing ideas. Most students were able to write this out independently while only a few needed teacher support. This writing task took approximately 5 weeks as we did 2 drafts copies followed by a final copy to be handed up. #CSERTask6.

Task 8 Option 3 Visual Programming
In Maths students have used Beatbox to create pathways that takes them through a small town and finding the shortest way through from one point to another. They navigate there way by tapping in codes for the direction they wish to travel. These included language such as forwards, backwards, left turn and right turn. Once students got the concept and explore by themselves they quickly solved the problems they faced when heading in the wrong direction. Students had fun and worked well together.

Task 5: Lesson idea behaving online appropriately
I teach year 1s and have recently done a lesson on using the internet appropriately.
I started with brainstorming "using the internet properly" students came back with dont be silly on the computer because you might break it, work with a parent or teacher, look at appropriate stuff. These were just some of the ideas that students shared. Next I showed them the Google page and ran through the items in the top bar eg. All, images, videos but generally we use All. We talked about knowing exactly what we are looking for to get the best information. A number of children had said they knew how to look up Minecraft items which was a start. From that discussion we ended up looking up Minecraft characters and copied them onto a Smart notebook page. The lesson ended up becoming a fun exploring lesson where the object was to search for things appropriately online. Sometimes you have to go where the students take you as it becomes interesting and fun for them.

Job: Motor Mechanics
Motor Mechanics use Technology in a wide variety of modern cars such as engine management to gear box management and other management related mechanics. Mechanics use diagnostic tools communicating with engine management. The diagnostic tool is used to trouble shoot problems the vehicles system may have. Modern vehicles are technologically computerised so that when a problem occurs it is mapped in the on board computer. The mechanic then plugs into the diagnostic tool into the on board computer system to retrieves the information via coding. Therefore the mechanic knows from the coding what the problem is with the vehicle. The mechanic can work on that problem either mechanically or using technology to service that problem.
Michaela Matthews

Task 3 Data Representation
I am choosing option 2 with a focus on sign language.
I had a year 1 student who had a learning disability and did not verbalise his needs and want. He could hear but not speak in sentences. I used key signing words to communicate with him. For example I would say sit on the mat and I would show him the sign for mat or I might say push your chair in and sign that chair being pushed in. The other students in class also learnt the key words to communicate with the child. Students were very good at communicating 5 Ls to him. (Looking Listening, Looking. Lips shut, Legs crossed, hands in Laps) ready for the teacher. Students watched me communicate with him using sign language and sound and did the same. At the same time the communicating was visual because I would do an action and with the request. From that I did an extensive course to sign language (Key Word Signing). #CSERTask3.

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Task 2: Classroom Activity
I have created a spreadsheet that highlights how students are going with their sight words. Each term I enter their scores onto a spreadsheet and over time the students can see how they are progressing in reading sight words. I have turned their scores into a bar graph so student can see visually how they are going. (names have been removed on the spreadsheet) This provides students with a visual representation of sorting data that the teacher has collected. It is powerful in that students want to improve on their next assessment and see their growth. We have sorted the information from highest to lowest and looked at different representations and the bar graph has been the easiest for students to follow. I hope you like this idea.

Task 4
Option 3 - Explore past and present technologies
In Maths we have been exploring time particularly analogue and digital times.
Before we looked at these I took the kids down memory lane. I searched for different time images and loaded them up on my smartboard notebook software and displayed different ways time was recorded from burning candles, sundials, buckets of water, sand timers to analogue clocks. We brainstormed what time meant to students and gathered information about what they already knew. We did this before exploring o'clock and half past times.
For Design and Technology we looked at cars from the past to present and looked at how the future has influenced our needs and wants. Most students preferred the horse and cart which I found interesting as I thought they would have been more interested in a porsche or Ferrari. #CSERTask 4.
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