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h hi i need a mommy please adopt me im 4

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Name:Kyou Fujibayashi
Personality: Major tsundere,Mean,easily flustered,smart
Likes:Being dominated (sexually),cat toys,collars,
Dislikes:Mean people

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Who wants to adopt me?

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What is this

Thanks for the invite ^^

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you were walking home one night in the rain, you hear a girl sobbing and follow the sound until you reach a tree and see a girl under it soaking wet you walk over to her and offer her your umbrella

Y/N: hey, are you ok?
Lucy (me): i-im cold and lost, can you help me?

you look at her and smile helping her up you then...

Name: Robert
Age: 16
Likes: +Hateria Raven
Dislikes: who ever trys to flirt with her
Bio: I was in the war fighting the Covenant when I got out of the war I met +Hateria Raven​ the most beautiful girl in the world and I have pets that are Pokemon and I would love to surprise my girlfriend with a neko Daughter or son

Are fox girl Nekos accepted?

So we like adopt a neko child?
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