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Welcome everybody to this Fun roleplay! This is our own warrior cats you create your own cat please don't do Pink, purple, Blue ECT. Fur please because, It may confuse people and i want this to be realistic! Gray blue like Bluestar is fine! If you don't know what Warrior cats is, it is this Book where there are 4 clans well 5 including starclan, starclan is where all the cats that have died are, the other clans have leaders that protect there clan they fight if they go in each others Territory The leaders make up the rules of the clan I think you under stand now.
Be nice no swearing at people.
Don't be unrealistic unless you didn't know you were ( Like me )
Mods may help people! Don't be mean to them, if they are mean to you tell me!
Don't type wrong on purpose like Dat iz kool kidz. I don't Enjoy that.
Don't flip out about one little thing.
Only have 5 cats ask me if you want more but don't constantly ask!
Make sure a mod approves you or me.
And last but not least HAVE FUN!
Cometclan/ AKA Starclan
Zapclan/ AKA Thunderclan
Waterclan/ AKA Riverclan
Breezeclan/ AKA Windclan
Darkclan/ AKA Shadowclan
Making a cat!
Likes/ Dislikes:
Picture of cat: ( Please put a link to the picture or attach one, can be realistic or drawn. Full body pictures are recommended, but not mandatory. A head and upper body are fine )
Thank you guys for reading this! Remember have fun!

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(Open to Breezeclan or cats near the boarders)

Speckledcloud shook his fur, getting out any of the moss that cling onto him in his sleep. He carefully padded out of the den, trying not to bother any of the other cats still asleep. He saw that a few other cats were up. He flicked his ear as he looked over to the prey pile. It was a dwindling number after the day before, he was sure most cats would rather get fresh prey rather then the day old ones. He gave a soft flick of his tail as he moved to the camp entrance. He padded though and soon started to quicken his steps, wanting to hunt near the borders. Even though he would lose some prey if they crossed the border. He knew he could get him or his clan in trouble if he was caught or scented on the other side. He soon get to where he could smell the ends of the borders, the two clans scents mingling into each other. He looked around, seeing if he could find anything to caught first. He saw a magpie on the ground, trying to get its good for the day. The speckled tom got into a hunters crouch and slowly made his way to the the bird. He soon was only a leap away and was preparing himself to pounce onto it. He soon let himself pounce on the unsuspecting bird. He felt it try to spread its wings to fly as a final effort, before it went limp from the force he gave from his teeth. He quickly buried it, glad he caught one thing so far. He was a proud of himself, even though he had caught birds and other prey since he was an apprentice.


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Name: Thunderzap
Age: 24 moons
Gender: female
clan : dark clan
Rank: medicine cat (or medicine cat apprentice)
Personality: she has a very gentle calming attitude and can make kits swallow herbs without hesitation. She has a very sharp temper with older apprentices and warriors so watch out!
Bio: ever since she was a kit she wanted to be a medicine cat. She was found out in the snow abandoned by her mother
Appearance: brown tabby with a lighter brown chest and paws, she has light blue eyes
Likes: just about everything
Dislikes: clan threats, badgers, foxes, ect.
art credit: tumblr


Open rp

Lynxkit runs around camp chasing a moss ball until..

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IM NOT GOING TO BE ROLEPLAYING because my little dog died so yea.. R.I.P Nugget

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Name: "I'm Lynxkit!"
Past Names: "I used to be Called lynx"
Future Names: "Lynxpaw for sure, maybe Lynxheart? Maybe if I become leader Lynxstar!"
~Origin of Name~
~Lynx~ "Many cats say I look exactly like a lynx including my bob tail!"
~Kit~ "Its because I am a kit!"
Age:"I'm only 4 moons."
Clan: "I am in a Clan called Darkclan!"
Past clan: "Not sure"
Future clan: "I hope I go to Starclan."
Rank: "Kit."
Short bio: Lynxkit was found near hills under is mothers corpse, he was token into Darkclan in a heartbeat, some kits tease him for looking like an actual lynx cub due to his stubby tail and large paws, he is very hopeful and wishes to become a leader someday, or atleast deputy.


Mother: Cougarfang
Adoptive-Mother: Open
Father: Pantherslash
Adoptive-Father: Open
Brother(s): None
Half-brother(s): Open
Sister(s): None
Half-Sister(s): open


Friend(s): None Open
Best Friend: None Open
Mate: None
Kits: None
Adoptive Kits: None

Positive》Lynxkit is a valiant and courageous kit, he will protect his clan no matter what
Neutral》Lynxkit may not be the swiftest but he is certainly strong
Negative》Lynxkit can be stubborn at times and will refuse to move
Note of Personality~ Lynxkit being born near mountains and hill made him very agile and a great climber


Cat (s): open

Prey: Rabbit

Thing(s): Climbing, Leaping, Sleeping


Cat(s): Open

Prey: Squirrel

Thing(s): Twolegs, Twoleg place, and badgers


A short brown Spotted Tabby with big fluffy paws and a bob tail and some what thin but long ears with tufts

-I think that's it, Let me know if you want to roleplay-

Snowstorm was walking deep in Darkclan territory, trying to clear her mind of the confusing and mind numbing noise of Darkclan camp. She suddenly became aware of a squirrel that was searching the ground for food, she dropped into her hunters crouch and waited absolutely still and quiet, she sprang and caught it, one quick nip to the neck is all it took to kill the squirrel. Tail swishing back and fourth, satisfied by what she had provided for the clan. She pricked her ears and took a deep breath, with sudden realization that another cat was somewhere near, and approaching from the behind, you...
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