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name: sollux

age: 17 immortal
gender: female 

spices:  vampire/troll/demon cat with two forms/neko

likes: unknown
dislikes: demon and vampire hunters 

bio: i was killed years ago i came back as a troll then got turned in to a vampire and a demon cat i don't like to talk about how i died so don't ask it's just full of bad memories of how i died well thats pretty much all the memories i have i don't know about what heppen before i got cought and killed and my blood color is yellow has a secret form i use from time to time to hide from demon and vampire hunters
powers: telekinesis and the power to heal 

personality:  kind and a little shy at times but don't let that fool you i am good at fighting and i sometimes loos control of my self and i can sometimes and sometimes not control my blood urges but now i wear a black collar that keeps me under control and when i am in my neko form i forget every thing about myself and i don't talk much i try not to use my neko form cuz i have no control of it
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i wanted to ask before i make a profile dose it matter what race i put as long as i put neko in they're? cuz my character has a neko form

Hey welcome to the neko collage school I'm KaNoah (aka shadow) the owner of this school. There is a few rules to follow

1 you must have a neko profile you can have up to 10 profiles

2 no cyber bulling or your banned ASAP

3 after you post your profile it must be approved by me or a vp

Have fun if you have any questions please contact me

thanks for the invite
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