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Name: Mizuki Kimura
Age: 16
Height: 5'0"
Race: Human/Vampire
Gender: Female
Hobbies: Reading, sleeping, playing the piano and guitar, she also like working on cars and other stuff like that, basically she loves to do handy work
Favorite Food: Rice balls
Personality: Headstrong and childish but is also a hard worker and very protective of her friends, though she can also be temperamental, reckless and clueless
Bio: Mizuki was taken in by a woman named Helen at the age of seven. She never knew much about her past, she does have dreams and thinks they must be linked to her past and she one day hopes to find out about them.
Abilities: None that she's aware of right now

Shylarza is in the garden picking flower. You were on a bench closes by. She accidentally prick her finger on a thorn Owch!... You get up to see whats wrong You: Shylarza whats wrong?_  S.: Nothing Tries to hide her finger. The blood waasnt that strong to sent 

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Laito: Waht?!A rabit in my hat?!

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Mizuki :
Mizuki ging weiter und sah sich ihre umgebung ganz genau an immerhin  hatte sie einen neuen auftrag bekommen sie soll  vampire töten für sie würde das kein problem darstellen immerhin machte sie diesen job seit sie 10 ist doch trotz allem würde sie die vampire nicht unterschätzen. vor sich erbickte sie ein großes anwesen sie natmete noch schnell einmal tief durch und ging dann darauf zu.

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Name: Nasuno Tsukino
Age: 17
Personality: Timid, but really friendly , but also a bit of a loner. He tends to get scared really easily.
Background: Middle child of the Tsukino's. He likes to go into the middle of the forest at night and sing song's he's heard of. He likes to hang out with Tsubaki as that's the nicest of his brother's.
((Perhaps more later.....))

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name : Mizuki Sato
alter : 17
beschreibung: sie ist eine vampirjägerin die für ihr leben gern vampire tötet sie hat einen frechen charakter kann jedoch auch sehr kalt und agressiev sein

waffe: zwei pistolen

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Notes: Tsubaki's last name is really Tsukino, but he is in fact a Sakamaki...not that he knows, His mother Isabel cheated on who he thinks is his dad with Karl and well Tsubaki was born 9 months later. Also he's the youngest of the Tsukino's. Also in this he doesn't know he's a Sakamaki in Decent to Madness.
Name: Tsubaki Sakamaki
Age: 17
Born: October 4
Mother: Isabel Tsukino
Background: He was raised by his birth mother, who at one point had an affair with Karl. No one except Isabel and Karl knows that Tsubaki is in fact biolagically Karl's son. Most of his childhood was spent with his four older brothers; Shiki,Nasumo,Mao, and Hiro.
Personality: He's very kind towrds others and will offten joke around. He considers Yui to be like a sister because he doesn't exactly understand love. He is very clueless in that feild actually.
(( More stuff to be added.))
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Hunter looked out the window instead of paying attention to the teacher drowning on about classes or something. It wasn't anything interesting to here at the moment. Sighing she put her head on her desk and groaned under her breath in misery as she realized she forgot to do her homework...again.

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Yui sighed as she rubbed the bites on her neck, living with sadistic vampires wasn't an all-too-easy task.

She opened the door of the bathroom an leaned against it, she stood and made her way over to the vanity and looked at them in the mirror, surely they might leave scars, but she'll find a way to cover them up.

She turned on the water in the tub and waited for it to fill why she stripped her clothes off. Before removing anything critical, she could feel the presence of someone with her.

"H-Hey what are you doing in here?!"

{ First RP! Open to any of the brothers, if I may ^^}
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