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hi im nika. A normal girl that lived an normal life. shakes my head thats a lie,that what i wished to have, a mother who wouldn't leave me alone because she just worried i make the wrong choice in life, a father who makes stupid jokes that only mom would find funny, a brother that will annoy the hell out me and makes me want to strangle him to death but love him in the end, a sister that won't stop looking in the mirror complaining about her hair and wait. the truth is i don't have any of that.

i walk through the opens doors, the sun blinding as i take the first step down the stairs, then my vision becomes clear and i see a truck with the words ‘moving’ on it and a girl with pale skin,long blond hair that shines like the sun and a face of barbie. my hands feels heavy i guess it because in carrying the last box of my things from my formal room in the house of my best friend Lilly.
Lilly: com’ on nika we gotta this stuff to your apartment!
she groaned putting her hands on her hips making that funny mad face i laughs a bit walking down the stairs and walking towards her. with no question she took the box of my hands and putting it in the truck. i reach high and grab the strap and with half my strength i yanked it down till it completely
Lilly: ready?
Me: ready.
me on drivers seat Lilly besaid me. we take off to my new home*
couple of minest latter we make it to my apartment we check in and you knows how the rest goes. the place is neat not too big not too small not fancy not too crapy. its nice. me and Lilly sat on the furniture that the movers brought an hour ago. it's 9:38 pm
Lilly: its already 9 and were not done with half of it
Me: i know and i have to go to my new school tomorrow. i hug Lilli’s arm please don't make me go!
Lilly: what time do you get off school?
Me: 2:50
Lilly: ill be back to help you unpack at 3:10. ok?
Me: fiiine i let go of her arm and she got up
Lilly: i got to go home before my mom thinks i'm kidnap and call the cops she chuckles and sighed good days right?
Me: yeah
i smiles big and get as well and lead her out the door. we say our goodbyes and i went inside to put some stuff away.

next day

i'm walking to school with my headphones in looking down on the peace of paper in my hands looking for the school. i trun on a corner then suddenly i bund into a boy.. that boy was you
Me: oh! i-im sorry
you look down on me confused then you...

((male needed. you can be described if you want to and i'll try my best to be as well. tell me your name first and. also please take thing slow))
((have fun))
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(( open rp))

i never knew what it was like to love. or have some one love me back. never knew a mothers love. a fathers love or a brother and sister. i guess you can say i grow up without love. my name is nikky and im 15, and i live alone in an apartment. i go to same school same class. but you never recognized me, no one did. and that how i wanted it to be to be honest. one day after school i was on my way to front door to go home. suddenly i bumed into you and you glared at me. i glared back

me: sorry

I walk around you so can just go home but before i could go far you grip my arms tightly. so tightly that a slight pain shoot through me and you yanked me back in front of you back to spot i was when i bumped into then you say...

(( im bored so i just did this out from the top of my head.))
(( for the boy i need him to be a mean yet gentle guy and thinks hes to cool for anyone. doesn't take no for an answer))
((make sure you tell me he name first))
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Name: Etsuke Ono
Age: 16
Occupation: 2nd year in high school,
Personality: A causal teen who greatly enjoys reading. Favorite subjects include literature and math. Dislikes science and history. Grades are average. Quite and observent. A good listener, but finds joy in knowing others secrets.
Gender: Male
Hope this is ok!

Leaning on wall of high school reading and listening to people People are so funny 

Im in cant wait to rp with you guys

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