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Teachers, take a break and come play. Killing stuff with other educators is fun!

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Follow me for all other Guild Wars 2 Videos
Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns Videos comming soon
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#Metagame Book Club at Noon ET on
You can sign-up for the book club please by going to
You can also join the #Metagame Book Club at

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A simple blog on Creating a MMO Game with AppWarp Multiplayer Gaming Engine.

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Check out my #Rift Warrior PvP video using the Tempagon derp spec

Hi. My name is Brady Schlecker. I'm the CEO of a games-based learning company called WorldTribe Media. I'm very interested in better understanding the challenges you face with using MMO's in your class setting. We're developing a new MMO specifically for education from the ground up. We will only succeed in delivering a great game that meets the needs of educators if we understand your needs and problems. Would anyone be interested and available to answer a few questions about the problems you face on skype? Much appreciated:)

How many of you have launched your programs for the year?

Good morning LoreKeepers!!  Hope everyone's year is off to a great start.  Things are moving ahead, here, in Pender County Schools.  Both of our MMO-School sites (Cape Fear Middle and West Pender Middle) are underway with their projects.  So, if you would, please, take a moment to share, briefly where you and your schools are with GW2/WoW/OtherMMO projects this year!
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