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Given the changing landscape, its time we #reimagine  and adapt. 

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What is the role of pastor amidst the changing religious landscape?


What does church work look like amidst the changing religious landscape?

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Upcoming TREC meeting. Please share and consider participating.

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Has your church ever considered planting a new church? Come to this workshop w/Jim & Kim Griffith 9/15-17 in the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona. 

#Episcopal   #GreatCommission   #ChurchPlanting  

Learn more about Griffith Coaching: 

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Please share this news with your rector and the members of the altar guild at your church asking them to RSVP. 

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Great post by +Matthew Marino about #millennials  and #ministry  providing 8 reasons why some stayed (and many others left). 

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Back in April Albe Larson posted the first news about the upcoming Altar Guild gathering at the Franciscan Renewal Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. We hope you can attend or send a few members of your Altar Guild - September 5-7, 2014.

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Want to participate in the #TREC  engagement process? We can help Re-imagine the  #Episcopal  Church -  Visit: 

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Have you started a new ministry in the last ten years or plan to start one within the next 24 months? Are you a Diocesan leader charged with supporting the new ministries which will flow the "greater freedom"? 

Register for the Art of Hosting, a ProvinceVIII event at CDSP 

What might I learn while at the The Art of Hosting?
» Asking questions, starting conversations with people in your local community
» How to bring life into the local church and community
» skills to invite open dialogue and collaboration
» Learning to walk in faith openly with others
» Leading through chaos
» Principles of leadership in community

#artofhosting #Episcopal
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