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Did you come here to ask how to do something, or if a feature is available?
Shotcut is not a fully-featured or finished product. If the capability does not exist on the Features page [1] (or it is on Roadmap[2]), then it is not available. Feature requests are not accepted, and there is no target date for anything on the roadmap.

Did you come here to report a problem?
Please indicate your operating system, the version of Shotcut, and provide steps on how to reproduce the problem. If you are using an older version, then you should test your problem on the most recent version (version numbers are based on year and month). If you did not download Shotcut from,, or GitHub; then you need to test it with an official download. If GPU processing is enabled, then you need to test it with it off as that is clearly indicated as experimental.


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Shotcut is my best video editor among other freeware and opensource video editors. I complete some videos project with the help of shotcut.

If some bugs are fix and some effects are add, it will be professional VES. Keyframe based zoom in/out, transition etc. should be add, then it will be great VES.

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I've just got this editing program and havent got off from it yet (quite fun playing with it)
However i gotten into trouble as i could not put any video nor image to the timeline. i have few video and images on the timeline already but it doesnt want to put in anymore... what do i do??!

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Keep getting an error message of "qmelt quit unexpectedly" every time i try to export.Anyone any ideas ? i've tried booting as admin,changing export settings,removing parallel processing ect , nothing seems to work.

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Would be interesting to shoot cut creators and natron working together to form something like this.
Holy crap this is great

Can someone tell me how to install shotcut on ubuntu studio please!?!?!?

Erm... Dan or someone should ban those spam bots..
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