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Sorry I neglected this community, but I read somewhere that Google Plus was dead and I quit posting.  It might be an there is no one here.  Which is cool, because I am talking to dead profiles!  But my blog hit the one year mark and I have had about 800,000 views. Due to freelance writing, copywriting, and so forth as a result of this blog I am a full time writer now.  However, I am still remarkably stupid.  So what now?  Anyone here in this group?  Hello, McFly!  Anyone here?

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Couldn't find social media sharing buttons in this post... Can you see why?

I do understand the power of a sleek web design and branding. And +Andrea Beltrami does a fab job at it on her blog (here's her latest:

However, IMHO, the idea of a good-looking site is not the same is a reader-friendly site.

Case in point: wanted to share Andrea's post and took me a while to find her sharing buttons.

What are your thoughts?

ping: +Gina Fiedel I remember you writing on the topic recently.

Hi all, 

I'm in the process of creating my first case study on my blog (which I hope to release Monday) but I need help with the headline. I created two different headlines so far and any feedback would be appreciated. 

1. How I Increased Engagement On My Blog 1583% In 6 Months Through Blog Commenting
2. How Blog Commenting Increased Engagement On My Blog By 1583% In Just 6 Months

Or neither?

Like I said, any feedback would be appreciated. 

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Bam! Complete Redesign

Ok, spinach lovers. Last week, I did a complete overhaul on my entire site, including moving my blog and services subdomain into the main site and designing a new look across the board.

A few key goals I had in mind:

Context. My old homepage emphasized the photos that I offer, but little else. I wanted a staging area that displayed a much more comprehensive glimpse of As such, scrolling through the homepage flows thus: the central goal, then the mission statement, and then on to the different elements I offer: photos, education, Insider resources, and services.

Stronger Menu. I wanted to simplify the navigation menu to help direct people with fewer choices (fewer choices means a greater response). So, I condensed my menu into three headers: the show, the blog, and how I can help. The blog offers blogging categories in the dropdown, and the "How I Can Help You" presents the different services I offer in a dropdown.

Social Proof. I wanted to make better use of the recognition that my work has been getting, so I have presented testimonial pieces from recognized leaders throughout the site in areas relevant to the actions I am directing people to take. For example, I have a testimonial about my email value near the email signup, I have an endorsement about the quality of my content near where I offer content development, etc. The purpose is to better present myself as an authority in the industry.

Interactivity. I wanted a site that was an interactive experience for those visiting, and I wanted it to highlight the visual nature of what I do. So, the site is very image focused (every image is from my own photography vault, available to Premium members). It uses parallax to draw attention to the visuals, and lazy load elements in order to add simple animations as your scroll. I've also added a subtle grow effect to draw attention to important clickable elements when you mouseover them. All of this is done to shift the site from simply being an information repository to being an actual visitor experience.

Simplified Backend. You won't see this as much, but I reworked the member area in such a way that it is easier and faster for me to update the images. In fact, where it used to be a lengthy process that would take 5-8 minutes per photo, I can now simply export directly from my image editor to the site, and it will automatically categorize them based on the metadata from Adobe Lightroom (the editor I use). On bulk uploads, this has cut my time from hours to minutes.

So, feedback time. What do you like? What do you not like? What confuses you? What drives you to take action?

Spinach-hunters, go.

Hi Community!

I am actually in the process of actually starting a website, and was hoping I could get a bit of advice on an article I've written. The idea is to help business owners and SEO consultants / marketers get more exposure for their businesses with local SEO. I just wrote my first article, but I’m trying to improve it so that its a remarkable piece!

Here is the article:

For everyone out there! If it were you, what do you think would make this a 'remarkable' piece, or in general a better piece of content?

Adding more description or content?
Talk more about benefits of local SEO for a business?

What do you think? Also, is this something you feel would resonate with readers within this industry if done correctly?

Thanks Everyone!

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Please critique my slide deck called "Presenting Creative Services Online: A Website Content Writing Checklist For Digital Agencies"

This is a non-public link to access my 47-slide presentation for a content piece I've been working on. 

Without giving you too much intro, would you mind taking a look and telling me what I could make better?

Thank you!

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Updating My Services Page. Thoughts?

So I decided to update my services page. Below is the link to my content page, which markets both content creation and content editing.

I decided to move to an accordion style so that the page itself is more condensed and people can get to what they need more easily. I also abandoned the text box and moved to a pricing-table format for the actual sale, and adjusted my prices.

I'd be interested in hearing what you have to say about the slight redesign. I'm going to extend this redesign to other areas as well, but I want feedback on it first.


See It Here:

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So, I haven't checked in here in a while, but this community has given me some of the best advice here thus far.  I am 6 months into blogging and have generated about 190,000 page views thus far.  I finally figured out how to get an email subscription link to the end of each post.  I am just curious what you all think about what are some good steps to keep building an audience.  What do I do now?  Keep grinding away and let it come with time?  Anything I can do to leverage these past 6 months?  Am I on pace for where a blog should be over 6 months?  I know I still have plenty of spinach in my teeth!

I hope this is the right place for this question. (I was referred here from a WordPress community.) I have heard that is the only way to go for "serious" writers in spite of being out there on the net all alone with no community when starting out. Conversely, I have also been told that a blog is just fine as well if you aren't looking to set it up as a business/sell something.

I originally purchased my domain name with the intention of self-hosting, started setting up my blog, and then an update came out and broke my theme. So back to square one. I felt overwhelmed (don't know zip about html), so I decided to set up a blog to see how that works, and because I really wanted the community. 

So I'm a few months in now and wondering if I should try to set up the blog or just drop the self-hosted site and use my domain on I see many, many blogs with their own domain names, but I don't have a clue how to tell if they're self-hosted on, or if they're still part of Or is there a third option?

Since I have established a small base of followers on, would those people remain with me if I move to my self-hosted domain name? Would I lose my ability to comment and like other people's posts? I really have no idea what the best way to go is and no idea who to ask for help. Any advice is appreciated!

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Your visitors need to see your site's key elements!

Quick feedback for +Ashley Faulkes of - love the site, Ashley, BUT would love to actually see your navigation menu currently masked by 'Marketing and web design'. 
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