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Ok so me and The Dark Lord finally have the Powers all set up, so you must ask for a power and If it is taken do not ask for it

Fire Manipulation: +Apollonius Augusto
Water Manipulation:
Rock Manipulation: +Tid X biT 
Ice Manipulation:
Air Manipulation:
Shadow Travel:
Shapeshifter: +Holly Chan
Telekinesis: +Natsu Dragneel/Apocalypse 
Weather: +Shiro Kotori 
Super Speed: +Sarah Thurston 
Super Strength: +Luminous Grim Reaper
Lazer Eyes:
Electric Manipulation:
Animal Control: +Brenna "Tala" Radford

Remember these are for Human Characters Only and The powers are from Gaia's plants from there Pollen


is anyone alive here?

Was it ok that i joined

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Amice sat by the rivers while animals sat around her eating the grass,drinking from the river or sitting next to her as Amice made a flower crowns

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 Gender: Female
 Age: over 1600
  Species: Spriggans
  Personality: Sweet,Kind, Motherly Nature, Strong, fearless
 Weapons: Long bow with Ice arrows
  Powers: Ice, Water and Wind
 Likes: Brave Souls, Rainy Days Sunny Days Snowy days, Humans,
 Dislikes: Dishonor, Thieves, Flames, Hunters, Pollution 
 Bio: Was made to protect nature and humans almost like mother nature but she can only be found by those who are true and brave

Lotus walked threw the woods then lays under a large willow tree, and yawns letting herself fall to sleep, when two hunters enter the forest, they see her and smirk and lighting the willow on fire trapping her a ring of fire, she walks up and her eyes fill with tears, as she runs around trying to escape when she burns her hand she cries out and pain falling to her knees her long green hair falling around her, her ears flat her eyes become blinded with ash, her lungs fill with the dark smoke, she then falls to the ground breathing heavily (Closed to +The Dark Lord )

i walk down a dark street, my appearence adjusted for modern days, im wearing a trench coat, and sunglasses, in the dead of night

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Name: guardian
Gender: male
Age: 72 (centuries)
Species: celestial
Personality: loyal, wise, attentive, brutal
Weapons: great hammer, long bow, quarter staff
Powers: truth seek, summon wraiths, speak with the dead
Likes: honor, valor, courage
Dislikes: dishonor, cowardice, thieves
Bio: made from the magic of the earth, I roam the realm standing for my mother and her children

Lotus was walking around the crumbling city looking around at the falling builds some covered it mosses and veins, her long green hair blowing behind her, her ears flicking around. This was her first time ever going into the city and she was fascinated by the many things even though half of them were now covered with her mothers plants it still entrusted her. She keeps walking around not knowing something was about to happen (Closed to +Tid X biT )
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