Okay so for my second option for my inquiry is ..

'How does mental dance and movement help children with disabilities and mental health issues?'

Now I'm not even sure where to start for this but I think I would research into what happens physiologically and if it is proven to help? And what kind of exercises/dance therapy actually is?

Do you think the arts/dance/movement is helpful to people with these issues? If so, how?
Does any have any experience with this? Could you tell me about it if so...

I know I need to do a lot of research and find more questions to answer within my inquiry but do you think this is a good thing to look into? What about WBL?

Thanks for your time x

Hello ...
So I've just started Module 2 and a little bit stuck on which topic to do my inquiry on.

My first question is 'Do you think as performers we should work for low pay/no pay?'

How many times have you been asked to do a job however small or big but they have said its no pay but they say it's great for experience and great for getting new connections in the industry! Not only do the employers say this but your friends and colleagues/students and teachers say this as well?

What are your opinions on this situation?
Do you have an experiences of this and if so what happened to you? (If you don't mind sharing this)

I know what my opinion is but would love to hear yours!

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