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Dear half-bloods,

If you are or even slightly suspect that you are a half-blood STOP READING THIS BOOK NOW and find you school's saytr and/or camp "hunter" (the hunters go out and hunt down half-bloods to bring them back to Camp Ari-Vey [CAV]. They are usually a team with a saytr and/or another half-blood. There are the rare ones that loners). Once you are safely at camp this book will more be a guide than a fun story. This stuff really happened to me and I really did survive all this. But if you are a mortal kid just reading this for the heck of it I envy you. All half-bloods envy you mortals. Believe me if you think you life is crazy, bad, or whatever, I wish I had your life. My life is trying to survive to see another day. Believe me it's worse than any normal issue life throws at you. I have immortals out to kill me. So yeah..... Oh right. If you ever feel something stirring inside you while reading this book close it and do the advice I gave you at the beginning of this. One more tip: if you are a half-blood anything can be a weapon. I can't tell you how many monsters I've killed with nothing more than a rock or a tree branch (I've used both before). So yea..... Good luck.


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Taken chapter 1

"Wolf's Howl look out," Ladybug shouted as a fireball shot towards her fellow hero. "Thanks," Wolf's Howl said as she eaisly dogged the fireball. "IS THAT THE BEST YOU GOT," she yell at the guy shooting the fireballs (Fire Wing) at them. He growls. "This is kinda my fault," Wolf's Howl thinks "but then again he cheated on me so it's more his fault than mine," she reminds herself. "HELP," a male voice shouts. Wolf's Howl and ladybug look at each other. "Chat," they say in unison then turn and head towards the shouting. They see chat with his back to a wall in an alley way. Both girls gasp sad they see the large fireball Fire Wing is forming. Suddenly, out of no where, a carmel colored streak knocks Fire Wing flat on the ground. "Owwwwwwww," the villan moans. Wolf's Howl blushes a little when she sees the new hero that has arrived. "Hey landies come and join us," the new hero invites. Wolf's howl shakes herself, almost like she shaking a trance off. "Right. Coming Rabbitstar," she says. Both girls jump off the rooftop and land gracefully on the ground, Wolf's Howl showing off a bit. Ladybug rolls her eyes. "Wait where is Fire Wing," asks chat Noir. "He's right...there," Rabbitstar says as he turns around "hmmmm.... I'm not sure." Wolf's Howl looks at her necklace "gotta go before I change back," she says as she turns and jumps up the roof. "Later," everyone else says. Wolf's Howl jumps into an ally way just before she transforms back into faita. Attica just has time to get into Fatia's bag before out of no where someone or something grabs her. "MMMMMMMM," she shouts as the hand covers her mouth. Then everything went dark.

Taken: Chapter 2

Fatia wakes up to find she's bound to something. "Good your awake," a gravely voice says from the shadows. "Mmmmm," Fatia says to find she is gaged. 'Great,' she thinks 'first my ex boyfriend is akumatized and now I'm kidnapped. What else could possible go wrong,' Then she sees her miraculous on a table and Arctica bound too. 'No,' she thinks. "Hmmmm.... My pay should be here by now," the stranger says "maybe I can pass the time by cutting you," as he steps towards Fatia "my employer did say if you has some injuries that was ok. As long as you weren't dead," he hisses. "MMMMMMMMMMM," she screams. The stranger punches Fatia across the face. She whimpers and tears of pain and fear stream down her face. "ZIP IT," the guy yelles as her strikes faita again knocking her out.

As she comes to it a second time she recognizes where she is at once. She finds she is bound in chains but not gaged. "LUKE LET ME GO AT ONCE," she shouts to the blonde guy sitting across the room from her. "Now why would I do that my dear sister," Luke says calmly "after all bring an NKSSA spy I'm not sure how long I'll let you live before I poison you and watch you die painfully." He holds up a knife dripping with a black liquid. "You wouldn't dare," faita hisses. "But I would being the only one that can kill you with this knife covered in Dark pheniox Blood," he responds coldly. Fatia gasps afrid of her only weakness. "Oh yea. Forgot to mention those a platinum Pheniox chains so don't bother thying to escape," Luke says as he stands up and leaves the room. As soon as Luke is gone faita breaks down and cries.

Taken: Chapter 3 (povs of marrinet, Adrian, Emerald, and Gemma)


Emerald tries calling faita for the fifth time in like 5 minutes but still no answer. "Carmen it's not like Fatia to not pick up her phone," emerald says worried. "Have you tried emailing her," his Kwami, Carmen says. "Yes I've tried everything," emerald replies "I hope she's alright," his tone sounding very worried.


Adrian jumps in his window and lands on the floor just as he changes back from chat nior. " plagg I didn't see wolf's howl today. That's unlike her. She usually is like the first one of us there and she's already beating the crap out of the villian," Adrian says a little worried. Plagg doesn't reply cause he is too busy eating his camenber. Then his phone vibrates as he reseaves a mass text from emerald. "Huh. Emerald says that fatia isn't answering any of his calls, emails, texts, or video chats," Adrain says to plagg. "Tell emerald to meet you at Silverarrow Sweet Shop then look for Fatia from there. Have gemma and marrinet come too since they are Fatia's best friends," plagg says. "That is a really good idea plagg," adrien says staring at him Kwami. Plagg doesn't reply, just continues to eat his cheese.


Gemma gets a text from Adrian telling her to meet him, emerald, and marrinet at Silverarrow Sweet Shop. "Bamboo why would Adrian ask me to meet Fatia's bf, her other best friend, and himself at the shop that fatia runs," Gemma says confused. "Why don't you ask him that," bamboo says. Gemma texts adrien. "He said he'll explain everything when we arive," Gemma says "come on bamboo lets go." "Ok," bamboo said ducking into gemma's pocket. She grabs her phone and rushes out the door.


Marrinet arrives at the sweet shop to see emerald pacing in front of the door. "What's wrong," she says jogging over. "Can it wait until Gemma gets here," adrien asks. "Anything for you," marrinet says, dreamy staring at adrien. Gemma walks in and Adrian starts explaining how Fatia isn't responding to anyone. "So my though was," adrien finishes "is that maybe we can asks some people in here if they've seen faita." "Good plan," Gemma says. "Ok let's go," marrinet says taking the lead. As soon as the walk in its clear that fatia isn't there. 'Woah it's a mess. It almost looks like a tornado came through here ,' marrinet thinks. One look at everyone else's face and she can tell she's not the only one thinking that. "Maybe we should leave," Gemma says turning and walking out the door. Everyone else follows here. "So Fatia never showed up for work " emerald and Gemma say at once. "Yea that's pretty clear. So let's check her dance studio next," adrien says. "Good idea," Gemma says "maybe we'll see stormy and she can tell us what's going on."

Taken: chapter 4

Fatia wakes up the next day to find just her leg is chained to a bed. ''Well it gives me a little more freedom... I guess,'' she says as she looks around. She is still in a room with dark everything. 'Just like Luke's heart and soul,' she thinks bitterly. Just then the dot opens and one of Luke's top henchmen walks in. "Hello Gwen," fatia say her tone icy. "Fatia," Gwen reply with the same icyness in her voice but gives fatia a death stare. Fatia returns it. "Master Luke requires you in his chambers at once," Gwen says chaining Fatima's hands behind her. "So why send you to fetch me," fatia asks shaking her leg as Gwen unlocks the chain on it. "Cause I'm the only one, besides him of course, that can catch and subdue you with ease," Gwen says like it should have been clear. Fatia scoffs at this statement. 'Yea right,' she wants to say but keeps her mouth shut. A few minutes later gwen shoves fatia through a black door and kicks her legs out from under her forcing fatia to her knees in front of a large black throne-like chair.

Taken chapter 5: pov of stormy

For what seems like the millionth time, Moco and I are trying to find Fatia when the rest of her friends walk in. "Hi," I say half focusing. My mind is mostly on the computer screen in front of my face. "DANG IT," o shout in frustration. "Chill girl," Gemma says putting her hand on my shoulder. Moonlight jumps into my lap. I stroke her tabby fur. She stares at me, her blue eyes saying "you can do it. I believe in you." "Thanks moonlight," I say as I offer her my arm. She jumps up and in a flash of green light she disappears from my lap and reappears as a jumping silver tabby tatto just below my elbow. "Storm," emerald say "did you hear me?" "What," I ask "sorry my mind was on other things." He sigh. I give him a state that says "I'll slap you across the face if you do that again." He doesn't notice though. "I asked you if you had any ideas on find Fatia," he said. "If I did do you think I would have told you," I snap. Emerald flinches but I don't care. "What's that," marrinet asks as something flutters in my window towards me. "Grace," I whisper. "It's a butterfly," Gemma says looking at it in awe. Adrien stares at it almost as if he's ready to jump at it but her sees the necklace hanging from it. "That's fa's," Gemma says not hiding her surprise. "She never takes it off," I say absentminded. I'm still staring at the butterfly, Grace. She hardly ever starts from Animarria unless Fatia was in trouble and Belle, Midnight, Kloe, and/or Dox couldn't help her. "I wonder....." I mutter half to myself. "What," Marrinet says. "Shhhhhh," moco says shushing everyone "she has an idea." I type a few thing into my computer then Fatia's location pops up. "GOT IT," I shout, mostly because I got it after what seemed like twenty million tries. "Where is she," Emerald, Gemma, and Moco ask at he same time. "Luke's," I say. That one world fills the whole room with an atmosphere of fear, mostly for Fatia's safety. Luke, being her brother, knows every one of her weeknesses so it was only a matter of time before she was taken out by Luke.
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