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Hi guys ./ gals, we're working on a game called Failure 

Failure is a Multiplayer / Single Player RTS with elements of card battle games such as Hearthstone and tower defence games such as Defence Grid set in a digital network called The NeuroNet. 

The game pits players against each other using decks of scripts that are customized and built by the players. Decks consist of Constructs, our game's version of buildings, and unique hacking abilities we call Functions. 

Current planned features of the game include:

- Persistent Narrative Driven Online Multiplayer and Singleplayer
- 10+ Construct (Building) types, each with their own unique unit types
- Expansive upgrade system for Constructs and units
- 18+ Function (Player Hacking abilities) types allowing you to manipulate the levels in interesting ways
- Unique upgrade system for Functions that takes ideas from card collecting games and deeply expands on it with the Compiler system
- Faction / Corporation Warfare system - An ever changing landscape within the NeuroNet bringing new challenges and rewards to players
- Puzzle based Single player levels to test your tactical and logical prowess
- Co-operative play and Boss battles!
- Built in tournament matchmaking system for highly competitive games

For additional details about the game head over to:

We've been developing Failure for the past 8 Months and are ready to share some cool new details about the game. This is why we've decided to launch a brand new Newsletter. 

The newsletter will be released on a bi-weekly basis and will allow people to get a closer look at Failure. 

By signing up you will get exclusive info such as:

- Early Concept Art
- Video Dev Blogs 
- Competitions
- Closer Looks at the game mechanics
- Interviews with the developers
- Much much more!

Sign up by going to: 

The newsletter launched yesterday, but all back issues will be made available to subscribers.

It would be great if you could also support our Thunderclap to get the word out about the game via:

Thanks for your support

Justin French
Creative Director
Dream Harvest

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For the guys who like to play grand large scale strategy games.

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looking forward to some new rts blood?

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Does anybody have tried the new Medusa hero?

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Gangdam style in HotS!

NEW Heart of the Swarm Dances!

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Placement Match Season 13 Q2GM 80

Very good replay from a non professional sc2 player: Maximus Black! Let me know what you think on his build.

So, yes. I'm super addicted to DOTA2 now. So far, enjoying easy Support int heroes like Warlock, Lich and Lion.

Eventually, once I learn the game better, I want to try out Necrolyte, Witch Doctor, Dazzle, Shadow Shaman etc again. But sticking with the easy heroes is so rewarding right now. I got 11-1-10 in my first game as Warlock - I was the 2nd top player in the match :o

So that lead me to an open question, what's your average in game time? More than 300 hours? Less?

Enjoying Christmas time with the family and playing sc2 with a friend. We are almost in masters... Diamond 9th...
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