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hey all, my new video is another mashup of oh wonder songs :) give it a listen, would be lovely to know what you think :) 

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The Demo Project-George Koch- Songwriter
Invisible Love
Wild Rose
Those Tears You Cry
Moonlight Kiss
House of Blues
House of Rock and Roll
Nothing in my Ares
Battle in the Streets
The Patriot Song

My Regular Job has got on the way with my Sharing--wish I could make the time to share in the best way I can!--I felt the option to Share in my best way Possible!A soul was passing from the earth in peace.
A Dove carried the souls of the deceased to heaven.
A Dove is that of patience and tenderness.
Our animal friends are just as willing and able to communicate as we are, but we must be open to their message.
The meaning of Dove is hope...We must know when to move your wings and when to allow the wind to take us to new heights. ..

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Lady of the Land{Mother Earth}
Mother Earth-{Diamond of the Ocean}
Prophecy Stone Song{New}Koch Production
River of Life Song{New}Koch Production
Universal Law Koch Production
Wisdom of Age 21st Century Disaster Koch Production

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Lovely Lady Song Koch Production
Roller Derby Ma Ma $ Cool Cat Daddy
Lonely by the River
Pills and a Bottle of Jack
Picking up all the Pieces
Whispers in the Wind
{Fabulous 50tys} Lake Street Song & House of Rock and Roll-Koch

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George Koch Long Time Coming {Hardtimes} Koch Production
Behind Closed Doors Song{ }Koch Productions
Magical Nights {New Song} Koch Productions
Cinderella Chasing Rainbows { } Koch Production
I Love Her -Koch Production
Desert Night Koch Production
Winds and Memorys of Change Koch Production
Who Knows Where Koch Production
Love is the Medicine Koch Production

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Mountains of the Moon {Our Place Called Home}
Trails of no more Tears {Cherokee Nation}
WILD WEST-{New Song}- Koch Production
My Pirate Dreams - Koch Production Journey-Arrows in the Horizon-Your Love-Memories-Island Dreams
Valleys of the Emotions of Love
King and Queen Koch Production
Celebrations of the Seasons of Love
Thanks for enjoying my Musical Movies of 2015

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Down the Highway {Horses} Koch Production
Last Draw** Koch Production
Crazy Horse Towns Koch Production
Wicked Night Dancing Koch Production
Tempted By Your Love Koch Production
Standing in the Rain Koch Production
Love Again Song Koch Production

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War and Peace911
Battle in the Streets Demo {ReelDomo} Songwriter
The Shadow Warriors
The Patriot Song
Revolution{}Revolation Koch
Walls of War-Koch
Dancing Hero

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Special Island Song{words} Koch Production
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