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My Cars 3 Collection (As of June 21 2017)
(In Order from oldest to latest)
-Bobby Swift's Hauler
-Lightning McQueen
-Brick Yardley
-Daniel Swervez
-Shannon Spokes
-Jackson Storm
-Tim Treadless
-Dinoco Cruz Ramirez
-Cal Weathers
-Bobby Swift
-Mini Racer Luigi
-Mini Racer Mater
-Reb Meeker
-Cars 3 Todd (Pizza Planet Truck) (B-Day)
-Cal Weathers' Hauler (B-Day)
-Another Lightning (B-Day) (Soon to be
Race Damaged McQueen)
-Mater (B-Day)
-Sterling (B-Day)
-Cruz Ramirez (B-Day)
-Rusteze Racing Center Set (B-Day)
-Sandy RRC McQueen (B-Day)
-Sandy Cruz Ramirez (B-Day)
-Guido (B-Day)
-Luigi with Flag (B-Day)
-RRC Toolbox Accessory (B-Day)
-2 Stacks of Tires Accessory (B-Day)
-Chip Gearings (B-Day)
-Ponchy Wipeout (B-Day)
-Murray Clutchburn
I just wanted to share my collection with y'all. Hope you enjoyed!

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If Cars 3 took a Alternate "Turn"!

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My version of the Teaser Trailer for Cars 3

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Cars Shorts:Truth Serium 

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WIP Race Damaged McQueen

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Okay,so I came up with my own Minecraft Console Edition Update.
TU56 (Exclusive to Console Edition)
aka The Awesome Update.
I wrote about it in my PRIVATE Notebook and I'll show y'all later!

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Repost:For +RCcars5​ Johnny Raceburn (The Next-Gen RCcars5 racer) Hope you like it.

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Go Daniel Swervez!

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Photo edited
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