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"Calling all Autobots!!" "My name is Optimus Prime, welcome to the Autobots" now their are some rules

*you can choose a character from the Michel bay movies(including TF4) or generation 1, Transformers Prime, or you can create your own character, between the alliances of Autobot, Decepticon, or Dinobot

Their will be now swearing or mistreating of the other members
If caught doing so, you will be given one warning, if caught you will be banned from the community.

As the night settles in a large form comes from the darkness, as the bright blue eyes search the landscape the late form finds his target, he walks to what apares to be a lifeless corpse, their lays the body of Rachet "Rachet my old freind, I am truly sorry" Optimus says as he puts his hand on his lifeless friends shoulder "This is all my fault, I am the one who befriended humans and this is what has become of it, I promis u, whoever is responsible, he is going to die"

The fog rolls in the early morning as Optimus Prime rolls into town, he pulled of the road into the woods were he would not be seen, when out of sight he begins to change form, and different parts begin to move a hulking robot stood where the truck once was, as he looks around to see his surroundings, when he notices he is alone he sends out a message "Calling all Autobots! This is Optimus Prime, it is time, the Decepticons have returned, we must come out of hiding and defend our home" Optimus finishes his message and returns to his truck form and drives away, when he exits the woods a missile comes and strikes him, as he rolls over he changes to robot and makes contact with the enemy, as he clears his vision he sees he is attack by three mercenaries "Who sent you here" asked the Prime, their were no words as their arms turned into large weapons and the battle begins

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Optimus Prime
Rank: Leader
Alliance: Autobot
Alternate mode: 4900 phantom western star semi-truck
Weapons: sword of judgement, sentinel shield
Bio: Optimus Prime is the wise and strong leader of the Autobots, once a clerk in the iocon hall of records he has come far.
Quote: "Freedom, is the right of all sentient beings"
Other: rides a dinosaur named Grimlock
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