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a good simple response to those who say that irreducible complexity has been debunked:

What is the evolutionary advantage of a humans love of music?
And when you answer, Ht wants you to listen to your answer and see if it isn't just some randomly made up B.S.

Evolution can produce consciousness, sense preception such as sight and hearing, cognitive abilities for learning and understanding, etc. etc. Is there anything that it could not produce? Eventually it could produce dogs playing poker, and Frogs being the best teachers of physics to mostly human classrooms, correct?

Ht posted a link on why would humanity evolve an appreciation for music, then +John Thimakis put the question right back to Ht. Why are souls moved by music? Ht thought it would be interesting to see if any Theist have an answer to this quest. (Ht himself does not know)

To the Atheists, if you suddenly believed in a Deity, would you lie a little less, cheat a little less, and steal a little less? And Ht is talking about petty crimes, like the theft of staples from your workplace, slightly fudging the numbers on your taxes, etc.

Which is more complicated, a flower or a car?
Which would be easier for a human to design and actualize?
Could a human design and actualize both, if not, which could he not, and why?

Why you have freewill:

If people don't have freewill, then you didn't have no reason to get mad at your girlfreind for texting other guys (she had no freewill to do otherwise remember). Well, you got so mad at her for doing somthing that she had no control over that you called her a whore. Then she gets so mad at you for calling her a whore (which she really should'nt be mad about, cause you didn't have the freewill to do otherwise), that she breaks up with you. Well, you get so mad at her for breaking up with you (which she was DESTINED to do anyway, since NO freewill, remember?) that you kill her! And now you are sitting in a jail cell REGREATING an action that you took, that was beyond your control.

So if you don't believe in freewill, then humans are just like two pork chops that are electricaly stimulated, and just happen to play out the steps in the scenario above, two electronicaly stimulated meat bags playing out a role in a scene of life.

So if you still don't believe you have freewill, then you have about as much sense as a male dog who is sniffing its own butt, and believes it has found the b***ch of his dreams.

Intelligent Design, is it real?
+Charles Steptoe asked Ht this question in a side thread, and Ht's answer to him would be, that in The Ht's opinion, yes it is.

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A very good overview of Nagel's book Mind and Cosmos , why the materialist neo-darwinian conception of nature is almost certainly false. At 3:05 you get some reviews of the book by Steven Pinker and Dan Dennett, who are butt hurt that anyone could possibly have the gaul to question a purely materialist view of nature. The same disdain was thrown at Fodor, when he questioned a major part of evolutionary theory, specifically natural selection. So even though Atheist say that they go were the evidence leads, or are open minded, you see by how they treat fellow Atheist who do not adhere to certain strict dogmas, this is not the case.
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