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Can I make a bioshock infinite roleplay? And profile?

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Name: Katrina Ariane
Main Fandoms:  I am number four and Doctor who

Side Fandoms: (parallel universe travel, can go into any other dimensions of other fandoms via tardis or abilities)

Family/Relatives: The Doctor is her father, she has multiple siblings, her timelord mother is missing. Amy is technically her aunt

Age: 802

Abilities: she has multiple abilities that surprise her. The biggest ones he can't control and didn't even realize she had. Such as "time travel without a tardis and travel between universes" her main abilities that show are anything connected to energy manipulation such as telekinesis and energy shields, she can teleport. She also is physic. Discovering she can manipulate minds, and is an expert at telepathy. Like her father.

Her only other ability that was given to her against her will through experimentation is shapeshifting.

Weapons: her abilities, her intelligence, and her sonic.

Pets/Vehicles: her tardis, her pet cat in the tardis that is the personification of herself just in cat form. And she has a blue car she drives when needing to seem normal to get around.

Fatal Flaw: she often doesn't use her powers to their full potential and gets tricked by her enemies. she's part human making it more difficult to figure out what her enemies plans are and understanding why they're after her. She's very emotional and they tend to hit her right where it hurts.

As her human side she has less control over her abilities as well as being unable to tap into her full timelord self to be ahead of her enemies planning with her use of abilities and intelligence to their full potential.

Likes: cats, mysteries and complex stuff to solve, finding out more about her past and mystery of herself and why she is the way she is with all the abilities and being the biggest target. Being with her family, trying new things, and meeting new people

Dislikes: when her human side makes it so she can't use her abilities or think to her full potential. Especially if something very dangerous is another to happen that could hurt the ones she loves. She also dislikes human governments and scientists from t that have constantly tried to experiment on her.

Personality: she's a dreamer and an optimist, she never gives up on her family and anyone around her, always trying to inspire and lift them up any way she can. She also has a second personality a more sensitive side that's more emotional, also one that is hyper most of the time and loves to have fun. She's a fighter and when faced with her enemies she has a determination that she will stop them.

Appearance: she has short brownish blond hair, she usually wears a long light blue trench coat and a normal T-shirt and jeans under it. Her second personality has long black hair and purple eyes wearing normal clothes too. Without a trench coat. Katrina has brown eyes with a slight mix of green in them matching her fathers.

Backstory:  She grew up part of the oldest family on Gallifrey, the lungburrow house. The Doctors family, her and her many siblings grew up you could say she had more than one memory of her childhood. One where she went to the academy like the other Timelords and one more mystery seeming to be an ancient time in a different place on Gallifrey. She remembered both times growing up having a good fun childhood. However with the good times came the bad. The high council specifically Rassilon had been actually corrupt and behind everyone's backs were doing horrible things.

She was often the point of interesting to Rassilon because of her abilities and often times he'd catch her at times when she was at the academy and experimented on her in secret. The Doctor would always be cautious and angry at Rassilon for being able to get away with hurting his daughter when she came home hurt so many times.

There was a lot of mystery in her past she doesn't even quite understand it all. For instance her two pasts. The doctor told her she was special and she knew she was different than other Timelords, she just couldn't figure out why. She was born on a double solar eclipse. Which was very rare on Gallifrey. What it meant? She had no idea.

Anyhow she grew up and found a lover on Gallifrey named Damien. Who helped protect her. And she got recruited to fight in the time war. Which she did. With her abilities not much could stand against her and her sisters who had similar abilities to hers. However, one fire at their house threaten the possibility that a lot of her family had gotten killed that night in that fire. And it was a devastating time.

Before long in the time war she become overwhelmed by all the daleks and enemies there. They had saw her as a threat and found ways to counter her abilities. She were actively after her and her family. The Doctors family was being hunted down. And thus so it was time to get off of Gallifrey and hide, the Doctor took his whole family and ran out of Gallifrey hiding his family all over Earth. When it came time to hide Katrina. He had stopped at a human family and looked at her promising himself and her that he'd return. However the goodbye got interrupted as they stepped out of tardis a elite type dalek came out of no where and shot her. Her lover rushed to get her back into the tardis as she was regenerating and loosing her life.

If she had gotten shot once more she would've gotten killed for good, he got her successfully inside the tardis. And the Doctor had to use the chameleon circuit to turn her human. He put her into a human family as a baby and was forced to leave as she was in hiding.

And from then on she grew up as a human until she started to become a young adult and that's when she set out into the world to solve the mystery of her past. Get back who she was. And find the Doctor. Where ever he was.
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Guys i am the most horrible Community Owner on earth, we're dying (Well more like dead), so please start sharing this community, or give me some ideas to get this community alive again.

Also important, anyone without a Character Profile, please make one, feel free to RP. Because I'm the only one who really ever does now, (Even if the last time i posted an RP was February),

Thank you all for reading,

I crossed my arms and looked at the cliff as my pursuer came through the brush. I looked at the man and fell backwards off the cliff. I turned in midair and unfurled my wings. I glided down to the area below. I landed when and turned to see.

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Favourite mythology?
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Character Update 

Name: Silva Wolf Forest (Galifreyan name: The Wolf)
Main Fandoms:  Percy Jackson,Doctor Who, and Maximum Ride

Side Fandoms: Narnia, and Harry Potter

Family/Relatives: Athena (Grandmother, Fathers side) , the Doctor (Grandfather, Mothers side) , Falon Forest (Twin Sister), Taylor Forest (Little Brother.)

Age: 14 ((Well with her timelord blood she's actually 914)) 

Abilities: Magic,Reading Brain Waves(reading minds),Turning into a wolf by will not magic,Time Traveling, and can Fly.

Weapons: Knives,Daggers,Bow, and a sonic screwdriver.

Pets: Wolf and ((Narnian)) Griffon.

Fatal Flaw: Pride

Likes: Books, Singing,Reading,Writing,Being Sarcastic. i love drama

Dislikes: People wronging others because they think it fun. Evil; Olives; Squash. Scientists ,well the one's that tested on me.

Personality: Bookworm; Kind (well at times); can be a fast thinker. Mysterious. Secretive. Calm. 

Appearance: Below

Clothes: Jean jacket, Navy Blue t-shirt, skinny jeans or shorts, and Navy blue converse or flipflops. 

Backstory:  My father's name was John Forest, he was a demigod/wizard. He was a son of Athena. On an island called Linden, i found out my father had been killed. My mom, Jennifer Forest or The Healer, disappeared, or she might be dead. My sister, Falon,  was kidnapped, i haven't seen her since then. My little brother, Taylor, disappeared when he turned 12. My mom's TARDIS appeared to me, then it was taken away from me, by scientists. Very evil scientists. Who tested on me and gave me wings. I'm hunted like an animal, but i can't stop running now.  

But the hard part is.... I can't remember who my friends were.... 
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(+Theta Sigma)

Name: Zessuxaidrurogge Thais Monique

Nicknames or Other Zessux, The Sparrow

Age: 14

(Main) Fandoms: Percy Jackson, Doctor Who

(Side) Fandoms: Pokemon, Harry Potter

Famous Relatives: Zeus, Xenophilius (Grandfather), Athena (Great Grandmother)

Weapons: Golden (electric) sword, Sonic Screwdriver

Pets: Rotom
Abilities: Flying (with wings), singing (rarely does it though), electrocution (with sword), basic HP spells (Accio, Lumos, etc), drawing 

Likes: Close friends, many genres of music, the wind in his face as he flies

Dislikes: Water, sports, metal, screamo, most people

Weakness: gets too attached to people (though he doesn't show it), over-achiever (says yes to too many things), very fragile wings

Bio: My mom, Greygin, and my father, Zeus, had me. So technically, my real last name is Conner, but I never liked it. I go by Monique. Don't call me otherwise. Anyway, I was born, left with my mom, grew up, went into that angst-ie, teenage phase. It got so bad... But Mom couldn't take me to a counselor... (Y'know cuz the whole divine birth thing.. Though I didn't know that.) The time in the hospital... The scars... And whenever I try to talk about my family, she gives a sad look and brushes it off. Do I have a sibling? If so , where is he/she? (cough cough) 
       Anyhoo, so angst-ie phase, I ran away... I- I- I tried to kill myself. I touched a electrical tower. But, to my surprise, ​I didn't die. I looked at my finger tips.... and saw electricity from them. I looked up and saw a crippled kid, my age (around twelve at the time), staring right at me. What I saw in his eyes, wasn't fear, or surprise, but relief. Wings, gold and grey wings, sprout from my shoulder blades. I read too many books when I was younger. I said to him, "I'm not human, am I?" and all he did was shake his head and limp away. Of course I followed him. He led me to my true home. Camp Half-Blood. That's where my questions were answered. I had a sister! Her name is Seraphina. She looked like me. A grey eye, a gold eye, wings (but opposite in colour). Yeah, that gets you up to date. OH and when I got to CHB, they had my grandfather's TARDIS waiting for me at my cabin.
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Sorry i havent been on in a long time so heres a pic for my apologies for being absent from the community
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Ok guys, this is what I was thinking, and yes, this includes members AND mods, what if we had sort of a government in this community? Like, the current owner (me for now) would be the president or monarch or something. 

How each works:

Democracy: The owner would be the president. The president would choose his Secretary of State. January-March the members would nominate a mod or the current owner to be a candidate.  The two candidates with the most nominations would be put on a poll in April and May 1, whoever has the most votes is the new president.

Monarchy: The owner would be the king or another title that resembles it. The owner would choose his Prime Minister, and heir out of the mods. Every year, on May 1, the current monarch will step down to his heir.

Dictatorship: I stay ruler FOREVAHHH!!!! :D
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