So, I played another 5E session last night; my third in a game which I understand has run to eight or so sessions in the last six months. It's interesting (perhaps eye-popping?) for me to contrast all this to how I imagine an equivalent DD/0E game would run. The palpable distinction, from what I've observed thus far, is certainly game pace.

Last night's 3.5 hour 5E game was comprised entirely of a single combat encounter. Two fire giants, two mounted orogs, plus a few magmen and mephitis attacked a walled town which the five players (two PCs each, levels 2--4 fighter types, or there abouts) defended. End result: the bad guys took a hiding; one giant and a couple of mephitis retreated (by DM fiat; no morale dice) after the rest were slain. The players suffered zero losses, albeit, a bunch of NPC town militia were killed and one player went negative at the end (where the player had calculated the numbers and was confident there was no chance the fire giant could actually kill him).

On the way home (and since) I've been thinking about how I'd run the same encounter under DD/0E, and specifically how long it would take to run, and what would be the likely outcome.

I'd be interested to hear what folks here think about all this. How do you think that kind of encounter would likely play out at your table?

Does anyone know the reasoning behind Delving Deeper’s “turning the undead” table having the same shape as the original one but lowering the numbers (7, 9, 11) to (6, 8, 10)?

I've got a game coming up for teenagers. I had been planning on using 5E, since a few are familiar with it. But I'm thinking of using DD.

What's the status of v5? I'd like to print and trim booklets as gifts, but, I'd rather use v5, if it's "ready".

I'd even rather have a working draft of v5, rather than use v4. But that's just me. I'll be expanding it anyway.

Regardless, any updates? I know life is busy, but I'm itching for old-school.

I ref'd my first game of DD tonight. I used The Ruination of Tenamen and it went over pretty well. I had 4 players, all level 2, and their lucky rolls mixed with my bad rolls means they made mince meat of the first 7 orcs they encountered. I need to remember to not be too easy on them. I think I made the orcs act a little out of character for what was going on, and mixed with good planning on the players they had a little too easy of a time. Half of the players fell down the chute into the cage, and the orc diviner got them down with a Sleep spell. The other players came up with a good rescue plan, and the thief managed to back stab the orc diviner for 11 dmg! The other prisoners were all freed, and we left off with the players finding the bear. If things go as planned we'll get to play again on Saturday, which would be nice because two of the players live in a different state and I don't know when we'll be able to play again.

Looking at book 2, all I can say is carry on man! It looks fantastic!

I know there was a write up for a DD Ranger class at one point in time on either the immersiveink website or the forums, but I can't for the life of me find it now. I'm assuming it was on the website, but is lost in the shuffle of the format change. Can anybody provide me with a link to it? I'll give you 100xp. Thanks.

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My apologies Team; it has been a while since my last update. So what is going on in Delving Deeper-land?

To put it rather bluntly, not a whole lot of output has been happening. Work and study and life in general have kept me pretty busy. However, the wheels have still been turning over in the back of my mind all this while. Regarding V5, a couple of reasonably significant advances in the state of the art have given me pause to consider where V5 is headed.

The first is the revelation that the so-called Dalluhn manuscript is not a direct precursor to published D&D, but rather is a super-early "clone" created by one Mark Bufkin (see Dan's post at

The second is the emerging discussion around, and snippets of information about, Guidon D&D which appears to be "the real deal" (see here:

I'm sure these freshly surfaced facts should have some impact on V5 but, to be straight forward, I haven't really had time to weigh all the options yet.

So... (armchair speculation time) what do you think those options should look like?

Happy to hear your thoughts :)

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'Twas a fearsome beast. Took the cleric first then yon wizard. I was lucky teh get away w'only one arm missin'!

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The Rat-Catcher class for Delving Deeper by Simon Bull. I made two small changes. One is that he can wear heavier armors at a steep encumbrance penalty, and the other is to increase his attack progression from Magic-User to Cleric.

A hybrid thief guy analog or an underground ranger type.

I've changed my display name and usericon in an attempt to consolidate my online accounts. I'm still DuBeers and I'll still publish under that name, but online for hobby talk I'll be using Piper.

Just so's you know.
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