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The hammer is poised and ready to drop. As of 02APR19 this group and G+ in general is going the way of the dodo. Please sign up for MeWe if you're so inclined. This discussion will, I hope, continue there and give us a forum when the 5.0 edition of DD comes out.

I'll keep the light on here until the last minute, but I'd love to see you all on MeWe.

Umm, did the MeWe group shut down?

Welcome new members! Be advised, since Google/Alphabet announced G+ is going the way of the dodo? Activity levels here have dropped off to zero. I encourage you to check out our official MeWe page.

+Piper I think you should really set up a MeWe group either for Immersive Ink or for Delving Deeper before someone else does. People have already jumped into gaps left by gplus communities and those not in the know assume they are the ones from here.

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The official Delving Deeper Discussion Group on MeWe:

I'm disappointed G+ is leaving. After seeing the hijinks on D&D forums extant? I've been impressed and encouraged by the decency posters here have shown one another. I don't know where we'll get that back. There are good forums out there but I'd like to take another opportunity to encourage the DD fan-base to check out the official forum. I'm not a moderator there, so I'll ask everyone to continue the same exemplary behavior they've exhibited here on G+.

Good gaming to all of you, and may you always roll 20s.

First, thank you for adding me to this community. Over the last year or so I got back into RPGs after a long, long break. I’ve spent months catching up on developments: 5e, PBTA, storytelling games, etc.

And yet, I keep drifting back to the OSR — and more specifically its ancestors. I guess this is a long way of saying I’m grateful for games like Delving Deeper. Don’t know how often you’re on here, Simon, but thank you.

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If anyone is interested in short format pbp, Mushgnome is launching a Hobbets only DD5 game called Hobbet Heroes of Hornpipe Hill. I believe it's the third installment in his Deep Arkham setting.

Come join over here:

I've been taking another good long stare at the Monster Levels Tables in U&WA (pp10-11). They have a few interesting features, but one that jumps right out is that most of the OD&D bad-guy type monsters appear. Which means these tables will pump out a genuine melange of random ghoulies. Which I guess is the whole point of random determination !

But if you want monsters to fit a more specific theme (say you might be populating a crypt, a pirate hideout, an ogre den, or whatever) then this ain't gonna fly.

Has anyone put together some themed or more specific monster level tables? Love to see what's out there...
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