Quick question to the DD community, has anyone homebrewed a DD version of Tieflings? I have a player interested in playing one, but I am trying to figure out how I'll work it. I do know they exist in the world & I have some ideas for how I want them to be but I'd like to know what others have done for them if they have.

I like the 3.5 Forgotten Realms Races of Faerun style of Tiefling but minus their feats, though I might incorporate them as distinct ancestral abilities depend of the kind of demonic or diabolic ancestor they had.

Plugging away at merging those annotations into a single doc. I finished up the cleric spells tonight, so "just" the M-U spells to go. It's a major slog, but I'm nibbling through it, one spell at a time...

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Hey Team, long time no see.

I just got myself a rare couple of days out of the work/life cyclone to return to the DD project. I spent it assembling the first half of the Annotated Heroes & Magic. A lot of work, but I have to say it is looking pretty grand. I posted a sample (many here will have already seen?) on odd74 here: http://odd74.proboards.com/thread/12916/annotated-dd-v5

Okay, so the "news" (cough) is that I've now pulled together nearly 400 footnotes for the "heroes" part of heroes & magic, which collectively will give unrivalled insight into every nuance of how DD5 has been put together. And some pretty interesting perspective on D&D itself, for that matter. As it stands, there are another 800 notes to go into the spells section; largely because each stat for each spell is sourced. I still need to decide if that's worth the paper it might be printed on, but at this stage I have the notes, and PDFs are cheap, right?

Anyways. Right now I am awaiting some feedback from esteemed reviewers. With any luck I can start to think about drawing a line under this thing in the foreseeable future... here's to that...

Whoa Team. I just checked in with Lulu, and DD4 has now sold well over 500 copies!

I know I'm personally responsible for about a dozen of them, but that is still some kind of awesome for a non-promoter like me. Thank you all for your part in that!

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Fantastic bit of work by +Oakes Spalding Delving Deeper comes off really favourably in his analysis.
For the fun of it, I just did a somewhat detailed analysis of the inflation-adjusted prices and properties (in terms of pages and even word counts) of most of the standard editions of D&D - from the "three little brown books" to AD&D to the present. I also did the same thing for the retro-clones.

I was actually quite surprised at what I found.

It's instructive to see what posts people like and what posts they don't care for.

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I've expanded Starfaring Exploration for Delving Deeper and the OSR into a standalone product that doesn't require the Delving Deeper rules. This is my simple approach to Spelljammer-style space exploration, styled after the excellent Delving Deeper Wilderness, Seafaring, and Aerial Exploration chapters.


So, I played another 5E session last night; my third in a game which I understand has run to eight or so sessions in the last six months. It's interesting (perhaps eye-popping?) for me to contrast all this to how I imagine an equivalent DD/0E game would run. The palpable distinction, from what I've observed thus far, is certainly game pace.

Last night's 3.5 hour 5E game was comprised entirely of a single combat encounter. Two fire giants, two mounted orogs, plus a few magmen and mephitis attacked a walled town which the five players (two PCs each, levels 2--4 fighter types, or there abouts) defended. End result: the bad guys took a hiding; one giant and a couple of mephitis retreated (by DM fiat; no morale dice) after the rest were slain. The players suffered zero losses, albeit, a bunch of NPC town militia were killed and one player went negative at the end (where the player had calculated the numbers and was confident there was no chance the fire giant could actually kill him).

On the way home (and since) I've been thinking about how I'd run the same encounter under DD/0E, and specifically how long it would take to run, and what would be the likely outcome.

I'd be interested to hear what folks here think about all this. How do you think that kind of encounter would likely play out at your table?

Does anyone know the reasoning behind Delving Deeper’s “turning the undead” table having the same shape as the original one but lowering the numbers (7, 9, 11) to (6, 8, 10)?
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