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+Melody Daughter of Malficent

In an arena, a figure in black robes and a skull mask was firing his Hellfire shotguns at automan dummies. They attacked him from all sides but he never budged. He kept firing until his power reached maximum then shadows swirled around him. Inside his mask, he smirked evilly and cocked his shotguns (check gif) He roared


In the end, he was breathing heavily and a small streak of blood was dripping out of his mask. All the automans were destroyed and in pieces. Someone watched the whole thing in shock and awe
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"You cannot kill that which is already dead"

Nikolai Dragovich

517 (but looks 17)

Godly Parent:

Pale skin, red slit eyes, black long hair, scars across his chest and a large X across his face.
Wears a black trench coat with a hood and a skull mask as his armor.

Dual scythes that he uses in an ice pick grip.
Dual automated shotguns that are enchanted with unlimited celestial bronze ammo.

Death Blossom: When his power is high enough, he use it to shoot everywhere near him. It drains his power and strength for a day.

Wraith form: Turns into a shadow for 5 seconds and can pass through objects.

Blood magic: The ability to control blood with his will.

A Raven named Dust, given to him by his father.
An undead horse named Apelpisìa (Despair)

His mother, Selene, the Blood Queen


He can be cold and brutal at times but also nice and respectable.

He like to train and usually pushes himself to the point were his scars will tear open again. He likes to be involved in stuff with friends so it could take his mind off of things.

He doesn't like people treating people horribly and absolutely hates his mother because she tortured him most of his life and wishes to get revenge on her.

Nikolai was born in 1600 in Romania to Queen Selene, the Blood Queen, who has tortured him most of his life and turned him into a monster. He ran away until he met a clear sighted mortal girl that was his age. She was a princess of England took him in and gave him a home. He fell in love with her and got married at the age of 16.

Unfortunately, they were soon attacked by Nikolai's mother. She bit his wife on the neck, draining her blood, killing her. She attempted to kill Nikolai but was actually put into a 400 year sleep until he woke up and met his companion raven named Dust and an undead horse named Despair that was sent by his father. He travels around with Dust and Despair and hopes for a chance to exact revenge.
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(mine own)
Name: Morgana
Mama/Daddy: Medusa and Hades
Powers:Can turn any man or anyone into stone
Weakness: Water
Back Story: I was born in the underworld in the castle of Hades. Medusa and Hades made love and Medusa got pregnant and had me
Personality: Sarcastic Cruel Evil.
Likes: Rock and Roll Apollo and Ares and Hera
Dislikes: Good Zeus and water
Description:(picture below)
Title: Princess of the Underworld.

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Hi... Here's a few things about moi!!
Name) Amethyst Vazquez
Age) I'm gonna be 13 on the 26'th (January)
Godly parent) Everyone thinks Hades, but it's Hecate.
Demigod crush) Nico Di Angelo... Duh!
Fav music) I like nightcore, and nightcore FNAF
Fav color) Violet, blood red, and navy blue
Fav Shade) Black.

Here's a question 4 u!!
Do any of u have Wattpad? If u do plz follow me at MysteriousReader12 Thx!

can there be a daughter of Posedion? +Mikayla Maddy 

name: Areil
gender: female
family: Poseidon never knew my mother
likes: water and fish and sharks and whales
dislikes: mortals and evil gods and goddess's

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an endless beautiful concept is immortal

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Your fav...?
~The Daughter of Hades⭐
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Video explaining the Greek mythology family tree:
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