Hi, all, I am new to reading an applying ACIM and am very happy to have joined this community.. Is there anyone else here from little Ol' New Zealand?.. I wanted to write to Kirsten but I am not sure if she has an email address.. Could someone help me please..

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“I want to unfold. I don’t want to stay folded anywhere, because where I am folded, there I am a lie.” I want to offer my words of truth because I honor the sacredness that is you and where we all are in this divine unfoldment of BEing.

Coming Into It
Coming Into It

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Sometimes the creepers of stress and fear try to creep in. This is my response, my honest experience... because... God would not change his mind about me... So let us all abide in peace where God would have us be.

Instagram: AnOracleVoice
Website: CenterofSacredPassage.com


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This is a beautiful new website about the teachings of non-duality (Oneness), and more importantly, about how to apply them in a practical way! http://nondualteacher.com/

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<3 If you are struggling with issues of any kind—whether they be relationships, money-related, health-issues, etc.—I would encourage you to visit David Hoffmeister's YouTube channel and check out the new playlists you'll find there which address these topics. Simply click the link below, scroll down to view the topics, click on one, and then choose a video that feels relevant.

Inner peace awaits you. <3

#ACIM #DavidHoffmeister #InnerPeace


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Almost all non-dual traditions on the planet (such as Advaita Vedanta) teach that the manifest world was born from the unmanifested realm; i.e. that the world of form was created by God or Oneness. What makes "A Course in Miracles" unique (and puts it in the realm of what we could call PURE non-duality) is that it teaches the impossibility of this. Spirit can only create like itself (i.e. Spirit), and form is an illusion that has no source except the ego, which is also an illusion.

The Course also teaches the following, which is quite radical, but so very freeing. For the mind that is ready, this is a teaching that brings deep release, for you will no longer look for hope where there is none:

"The world was made as an attack on God. It symbolizes fear. And what is fear except love's absence? Thus the world was meant to be a place where God could enter not, and where His Son could be apart from Him. Here was perception born, for knowledge could not cause such insane thoughts. But eyes deceive, and ears hear falsely. Now mistakes become quite possible, for certainty has gone." (W-pII.3.2)

Enjoy this two-minute video which expounds upon this teaching with great clarity and vivid illustration. <3 <3 <3

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