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Till all are gone!
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hi it's me Deadpool!!

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Name: Hunter Zolomon

Hero name: Zoom

Age: ( don't know )

Gender: Male

Sexuality: straight

Relationship: Caitlin Snow

Speed Force connection/Meta-human physiology/Velocity serums enhancement: After being affected by the particle accelerator, while receiving electroshock treatment, Hunter gained a connection to the Speed Force; a mysterious energy field. His DNA was altered and cells supercharge with enormous amounts of electricity, augmenting his physiology to superhuman condition. After injecting himself with Velocity 6, Hunter became far faster than ever before. However, in addition to these enhancements only being temporary, they left his natural connection to the Speed Force weakened so much that he could no longer use his powers naturally without the serum nor could the Speed Force be detected in him. Even more, a lasting side effect caused him cellular degeneration. However, his remaining traces of natural Speed Force energy significantly slowed down the damage to his body. After his transformation by the Time Wraiths, Hunter's powers became greater than ever before, as Eobard is extremely afraid of him and believed not even the combined might of the Legion of Doom could stop him, only slow him down.

Accelerated healing factor: While unable to repair the cellular deterioration caused by the Velocity 6, Hunter's powers also afford him a heightened healing capacities, allowing him to quickly heal any superficial harm to his being. Despite being shot by Cisco Ramon with a serum to dampen his speed, Hunter almost instantly recovered and ran off before the serum could take full effect, showing no signs of having been slowed down by the serum. Once obtaining Barry's Speed Force, Hunter's full regenerative properties were restored, allowed him to recover from his former cellular damage.

Bodily vibration/Intangibility: Hunter had the ability to vibrate his cells on command for various effects. He can vibrate his entire body to mask his form from others from clearly perceiving it and distort his vocal cords to disguise his voice. Vibrating also allowed him to generate the force of a buzz-saw, allowing him to use the force to break objects. He was also capable of effortlessly vibrating through carbide, which Barry had tremendous difficulty doing at first.

Phasing: Hunter could move and vibrate any part of his body so fast that he could effortlessly change his frequency and phase himself through people or objects. This allowed him to cause people to drop dead when he phased his arm through them, however, he could also harmlessly pass through people, as he did with Caitlin.

Electrokinesis: While originally emitting yellow lighting from his body like Barry, usage of the Velocity drug made his body now produce sapphire blue lighting, a sign of his extreme over-usage of it. Even while only slightly accessing his powers, Zoom would produce a powerful aura of blue lightning from his body that always emanated off of him, whether he was moving at super speed or not. He could also manipulate electricity by touching it, as when Barry tried hurling lightning at Hunter, he managed to grab and hold the lightning as if it were a tangible object and hurl it back at him. When he grabbed Harrison and stabbed him with his claws, he was able to transfer electricity into him, causing him extreme pain. Seeing as Zoom was much faster than Barry when he taught him how to throw lightning, this means that Zoom could've thrown lightning if he wanted to. Oddly enough, his lightning turned red after the Time Wraiths took him.

Enhanced perceptions: The Speed Force also enhances Hunter's senses and mental capacities, allowing him to easily keep up with and perceive the movements of other speedsters while they are at super speed themselves even when he himself is not.

Enhanced strength: Presumably due to his greatly enhanced connection to the Speed Force, Hunter showed the ability to effortlessly exert great strength and force even without utilizing his speed, enough to lift fully grown humans over his head with only one arm, without any strain or effort. He was also able to easily break Barry's spine with one strike. Combined with his efficient fighting skills, Hunter was able to deal severe bodily harm with only a few blows. His strength carried over to his transformation by the Time Wraith's, allowing him to face the strongest of speedsters in battle, allowing him to eventually overpower and almost effortlessly pin down Barry Allen and force Eobard Thawne to flee on sight.

Eye transformation: Hunter can change the color of his eyes to pure black due to the physical corruption caused by the Velocity serum. This serves as both identity concealment and as a mean of intimidation (in the case of pure black). However, this is not a result of his electrokinesis, unlike fellow speedsters.

Decay Inducement: After his transformation from the Time Wraiths, Hunter has the ability to cause cellular decay to people he comes in physical contact with. He tried to cause Flash to decay by accelerating his aging, but this was stopped before the process was complete or even permanent.

Speed Force sense: After becoming an enforcer for the Speed Force, he could sense the speed force in another speedster's system to track them down, which is how he is able to locate Eobard Thawne at any place or time.

Superhuman agility: Hunter was incredibly agile and able to change direction immediately while moving at super speed. This let him make sharp turns at super-speed, without sliding or losing his balance. It also let him leap farther and higher, able to easily perform acrobatic movements in combat, as well as fight confidently while free falling. Even when transformed into a Speed Force spectre and removed of his senses, he is able to effortlessly coordinate himself at super speed as if he still possessed sight, allowing him to avoid hitting any obstacles. He could effortless lunge several feet to tackle Barry to the ground to pin him down, even without using his speed.

Superhuman durability: Hunter had the ability to have large amounts of damage inflicted on him, and be hurt at a rate lower than regular humans, sometimes suffering no injuries. During his fight with Barry, he fell to the ground from hundreds of meters in the air with no noticeable injuries, and quickly resumed viciously pummeling Barry.

Superhuman reflexes: Hunter's reaction time was also augmented, allowing him to react to far faster than a normal human. He easily saw and countered a bolt of lightning hurled at him by Barry and likewise caught every single bullet launched at him by the entire police force with ease, using only a single hand. When transformed into a Speed Force spectre , he demonstrated being able to effortless catch both an arrow shot at him by Malcolm Merlyn and a blade swung at him by Damien Darhk.

Superhuman speed: Hunter is able to move at alarmingly fast speeds, and could travel from place to place in moments. Through extreme usage of the Velocity drug, Hunter artificially enhanced his connection to the Speed Force, allowing him to move so unimaginably fast. Initially, Hunter could move at least at Mach 6-8, leaving Barry Allen's initial speed not nearly able to keep up. Even after Barry defeated the Turtle, a meta who can manipulate kinetic energy, Zoom still easily gave Barry a harsh beating in the cell, meaning Zoom can move much faster than two-tenths of a second. As explained by Caitlin Snow, this is because with each stride of his legs, his feet spend less time on the floor than Barry, thus propelling him even faster. He was however unable to outrun Barry after the younger speedster increased his speed to over Mach 13. After gaining all of Barry's original Speed Force energy, Hunter became considerably faster than before, being able to snap the necks of nearly every person in Jitters in less then a second. However, his inability to let go of his past rendered him unable to naturally increase his speed like Barry Allen, which lead to his defeat at the hands of The Flash. He has gotten noticeably faster after his transformation by the wraiths as he was as fast, if not faster than Barry during their fight in the Speed Force.

Interdimensional travel: Hunter was able to travel between Earth One and Earth Two at will. He did so by using the "breaches" between worlds. His speed allowing him to temporarily stabilize the interdimensional "corridors" that linked any one breach on Earth Two with a corresponding breach on Earth One, letting him and those he brings along pass through them. After stealing Barry's Speed Force energy, Hunter became powerful enough to create breaches with his own speed. He was able to create a portal out of thin air with a simple punching motion. 

Superhuman momentum: Hunter was capable of inflicting massive amounts of physical damage on his opponents by packing speed into his blows. His punches seemed to break the sound barrier. He was able to reduce Barry to a bloody mess in seconds with his deadly strikes, and even break his spine, causing paralysis. Even with Barry's rapid healing, the damage inflicted on him was noticeably prolonged.

Time travel: Hunter can move fast enough to break open holes in the fabric of time and space, allowing him to travel through time, an ability which Hunter abused to get time remnants of himself to assist him in the current timeline.
Time remnant construct: Through an unknown sequence of time travel, Hunter is able to get time remnants, versions of himself from either past, future, or aborted timelines, to assist him in his schemes.

Superhuman stamina: Hunter's body could handle the stresses of superhuman racing without noticeable distress, and function much longer than a normal human without getting tired or weak.

Abilities: Genius-level intellect: Like Barry, Hunter is a very scientifically adept and well-read man excelling in physics and chemistry; Hunter even claims that he had his own personal lab and was a part time professor. Despite his psychopathy, Hunter has proven to be a methodical man has shown when he carefully studying Earth One and finding out everything he could before confronting Team Flash. Hunter's feats as a genius include the creation of the first Velocity serums, constructing prisons to hold metahumans, and devices that dampen their powers. However, Hunter did have his limitations as a scientist as he was unable to steal Jay Garrick's speed requiring him to acquire the aid of Harrison Wells in order to do so with Barry.
Master of deception: Like most psychopaths, Hunter is an exceptional liar. An accomplished actor, Hunter's persona as "Jay Garrick" and as "Zoom" were so different from one another that he was able to convince the citizens of Earth Two, his own metahuman followers, and Team Flash that were two different people for two years. During Caitlin's physiological exam during which she perform a subtle lie detection exam, Hunter quickly became aware of this and showed none of the physical signs of deceit; showing his skills a liar.

Intimidation: Due to his incredible power, savagery, and demonic-like appearance, Hunter commands an extremely terrifying presence, instilling fear into enemies and allies. A common tactic of Hunter's is using the fear he has instilled in others in order to get them to do his bidding as he did with Atom Smasher, Eddie Slick, Dr. Light, and Harrison Wells. His use of psychological fear tactics by destroying symbols of hope and forms of protection in order to crush the spirits of a city's citizens to show that they are not safe from him.

Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Complementing his ferocious appearance and personality, Hunter's animalistic yet efficient style uses his tremendous speed and powers. His style is more precise than Barry Allen's originally was yet not quite as tactical as Eobard Thawne's. Instead, Hunter uses powerful punches to accompanied by his glove claws for savage slashing movements, overall causing great blunt-force trauma. In appearance with behavior, Hunter seems to enjoy inflicting as much pain as physically possibly when killing an opponent such a snapping his victim's spines and breaking there necks.

Speed Force knowledge: Hunter has been shown to posses a large amount of knowledge regarding the Speed Force, being able to develop the dangerous speed-enhancing Velocity serums. However, despite his knowledge Hunter continuously broke the rules of the Speed Force and which lead to his current imprisonment. Even still though, he always only killed people just by simply using his speed, and never dipped into other abilities like creating tornadoes with his arms or creating speed-mirages, but that could just be because he never needed to.

Weakness: Diminished senses: After his metamorphosis from the Time Wraiths, Hunter's senses appear to be much weaker, only able to perceive targets in motion. To which, if a speedster is not currently channeling the Speed Force (i.e. remains completely still) Hunter can't sense or even see him properly.

Extreme cold: For every speedster low temperatures are a problem as it slows them down and can weaken their healing abilities. It is proven Zoom possess this weakness when Killer Frost used her ice manipulation to stall him long enough for Team Flash to escape his lair.

Psychological trauma (Formerly): Hunter suffers from severe PTSD, due to him watching his father kill his mother. Barry utilized his past memories to induce extreme psychological trauma, in order for him to loose his focus and become more feral, thus allowing Barry to overpower him, trap him and finally unmask him. He constantly has flashes to his traumatic experiences, either his father killing his mother, the orphanage he was placed in, or his shock therapy treatments. Caitlin unknowingly caused him to experience these flashes more frequently, as her words would constantly remind him of these events. After being enslaved by the Speed Force, Hunter's sanity was completely erased, reducing him to a feral beast unable to act beyond the will of the Speed Force.

Time Wraiths (Formerly): As Hunter continually broke the rules of the Speed Force, trying manipulate Speed Force recover side effects Velocity serums especially after he went back in time for his time remnant, Time Wraiths, the Speed Force's enforcers, were continually sent by the Speed Force to go after him. When the Time Wraiths were intentionally summoned by Barry with the creation of a time remnant, the wraiths chose to go after and punish Zoom instead of Barry for the violation of the rules of the Speed Force, possibly since the remnant was used and sacrificed to save the multiverse. As they were taking Zoom away through an unknown portal, Zoom was aging into a corpse like figure. While his lightning changed from blue to red, parts of his suit, particularly the emblems, also changed color from black to red.

Velocity serum (Formerly): While the Velocity drug boosted Hunter's speed to tremendous levels upon overdosing, the speed drug had a severely degenerative effect on his cells that would in due course kill him unless he absorbed the speed of the Flash. Now that Hunter achieved this, his life is no longer in danger.

Inter-dimensional energy: As a servant of the speedforce, Hunter is now vulnerable to the inter-dimensional energy produced by Cisco's "gold-tooth" technology. While fighting him in the speedforce, Barry overloaded the "gold-tooth" transmitter on his chest and attached it to Hunter. The inter-dimensional energy from the transmitter overflowed into his body, tearing him apart in an explosion of light, leaving his current fate unknown although it is assumed he is alive as Eobard Thawne's wrist-watch detected him in 1970.

Bio: Hunter Zolomon is a meta-human speedster from Earth Two. Years after witnessing his father murder his mother when he was a child, Hunter became a serial killer. Following the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion, Hunter was affected during electroshock therapy by the dark matter emitted, giving him superhuman speed and various other abilities derived from it. Following this, he escaped and began acting as a supervillain known as Zoom, stylized as the Speed Demon. Later, using Velocity serums, Hunter managed to artificially increase his speed to the point where he could break the dimensional barrier. Having got tired of being the villain, Hunter decided to become "the hero" as Jay Garrick/The Flash, stylized as the Crimson Comet, borrowing the name from the speeder he found on another Earth and kept as prisoner. He created the charade in order to instill false hope - hope that would be ripped away.

Discovering the existence of Barry Allen on Earth One, Hunter traveled to the other Earth and acted as his friend and mentor, apparently training him to fight Zoom, but instead forcing Barry to increase his speed to eventually take it for himself. Hunter eventually killed a time remnant of himself to give Barry a reason to avenge "Jay" and increase his speed even further, only for his true identity as Hunter Zolomon to be discovered by Team Flash soon after. Shortly after, intending to break Barry emotionally, he murders the latter's father Henry Allen, thus being indirectly responsible for Barry creating Flashpoint. After losing a race to Barry Allen and attempting to destroy the multiverse, Time Wraiths appeared and imprisoned Hunter in the Speed Force, while reducing him to decayed spectre-like form, similar to that of the Time Wraiths.

Species: Metahuman Speedster

how many Outfits: Hunter wears a protective suit as his super villain alter-ego, Zoom, to hide his identity from his enemies. It is unknown what materials it's made out of. The suit includes a mask that fully hides Hunter's face and resembles the equipment he wore during the electroshock therapy sessions in the asylum. The suit's gloves are adorned with sharp "claws", allowing Hunter to perform slashing attacks upon his enemies. The left side of the mask was ripped off by Barry after Barry defeated Zoom. While the Time Wraiths were taking Zoom away, red speed force lightning changed the colors of the emblems in the suit; the lightning emblems on the ears changed from black to red, the outlines and lightning symbol on the chest also transformed from black to red except the inner part of the logo was filled in with white.

Friends: Metahuman in Earth2

Enemies: Team Flash

Hero or villain: Villian
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"No my plan to take over the multiverise failed I will get my revenge and Allen well be free" walks around in *+Holly Grace​**​ Earth as a normal civilian* +Leone Chan​ rp here

Soon Iris will die.

Too all of my friends on rp communitys I am Changing my name to Hunter Zolomon Zoom

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breaks out of jail they really need to stop putting me in prison seriously

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Hahahaha the god of pain and chaos is here I am born into death and pain my only love is chaos and carnage is my name
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