Are there any plans for OBS to be able to stream to more than one service without running multiple instances of the program?

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Needed to stream to a TCP receiver so here is a short tutorial for it.

OBS is on v19.
It can't still be used as 'webcam filter' (Virtual Webcam) as ManyCam or programs like that, or is just me who can't figure how to set it up properly?
After all it can be used to stream, why not as VC?

Hey All it has been a while, life kept getting in the way =)

Anyway, I have an off the wall request for help. I bought a decent video cam that stated it worked with windows as a webcam. Then when it arrives and I start looking into using it as a webcam it turns out it needs to be used on Windows XP operating system to work that way. And this camera is a current active and supported device by manufacturer. (Not a legacy device)

So, I was wondering if someone knew where a generic app or program that might allow the connection with Win 10 as the manufacturer is not offering a modern solution on a modern product.

+Terry Leigh Britton watched your youtube on obs and stress on cpu. very good. I am trying to stream into facebok live and periscope simultaneously. Been successful with this but pushing the envelope when I do two people from various locations using desktop (my guest and me). I am looking for ways to reduce the load on computer so reducing screen size, resolution, fps very helpful. Any other thoughts are appreciated. Also, if anybody here has time and would like to test the two-party stream into facebook and periscope, please get with me. I am very close to success but not quite there yet. Thanks.

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Youtube Live Chat is updated,somebudy got a new live chat css code?
or you use chat or ubiquitous2 ?

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Year to Date Stats

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Hi everybody. I am having problems with the sources appearing in OBS studio. I just now sent this to Mike Downes who has been most helpful but just wanted to also share with you also for some immediate feedback, if possible. The image and slide show and media sources do appear but the rest of the sources such as game source do not. i just get a black screen with the red perimeter around it, nothing more. Here is the video i created to explain the problem. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks..

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Has anybody used OBS with Zoom into Facebook live? Xsplit? just wondering about comparisons..
i did this yesterday...was able to get 3 of us into a stream on FB live...using xsplit and am wondering of any similar successes with OBS. thanks.

I'm experiencing some issues with OBS 0.14.x running under Linux Mint 17.3 (64-bit) - my Logitech C170 webcam video freezes up and at best I get one still image capture. The same webcam works fine in V4L2 test, Cheese, VLC and Skype - but I can't use these as alternate capture methods because these apps also freeze up when OBS is started and revert to working when OBS is shut down.

The Logitech C170 video worked fine in 0.13.x, it's only since I upgraded that it's stopped working. Does anyone have any ideas as to
a) how to get the camera working again under 0.14.x, or
b) how I can revert back to 0.13.1 for Linux (I'm willing to give compiling form source a go if it's not too complicated).
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