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Our Checklist is a finalist in the ✅ To-Do app challenge

Dear friends,
You may know that we build a to-do app called Checklist which supports Sony SmartWatch 2.
I am writing to ask you to vote for Checklist at the To-Do app challenge.
Please take a moment and follow this link and click on the "Up" button:

Many thanks for your support!

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+1 please if you use Tasker

If in the app we could have a mini keyboard to respond to the messages, even if it is in the pro version the app would be perfect, it is the only thing that made it missing.

When two consecutive messages are received from the same person, only the first one is shown if you do not have time to read the first one and the other does not arrive.

I contacted you because the application Informer does not work on huawei p9 lite. after starting, no notifications appear on smartwatch 2.

This app is perfect save for the horrible pop up asking to upgrade everytime! Seriously I want that turned off

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Dear Snapchat users!
Please contact to get apk with a filter for "typing..." notifications.

+NICLAS C Thanks for your help to fix this

Is this project still alive? Or did community move to another place? Can you please add Badoo?

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