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I'm looking for a bit of help regarding the rules for the Mindscape in Mindjammer please. I'll list my questions below and if any of you helpful people could comment it would be much appreciated :)

1. A character with a Mindscape implant automatically has a Mindscape 'Aspect'?

2. On p81 of the rules it mentions that to get information from the Mindscape that you have to 'Invoke' it. Does this mean you have to spend a fate point to invoke it like any other Aspect? or only when the Mindscape is used in certain ways? (I'm confused with this)

3.Ubiquitous Perception on p114 - I'm guessing that you always have to spend a fate point to invoke the Mindscape to do this? I'm basing this on the Thaddeus Clay example on p318

I'm just trying to understand when a fate point is required to use the Mindscape.

Thanks in advance

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Hi everyone!

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The Commonality salutes you - but the Autocracy abides!




Are the Custodians actually the rulers of the Commonality or are they but the hiɡhest ranked human aɡents of the transintelliɡences?

So, we have a 40K expy in the Venu Empire. I wonder what a Culture or Star Trek expy would make of the Commonality. It would interestinɡ to play a character from one of those. Special Circumstances or Section 31 vs SCI Force.

Is it just me or are any of you inclined to read Venu as Xenu?

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Hi everyone!

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Thank you!


You know, the Commonality is rather like the British Empire. The Core Worlds are inhabited by transhuman, Tory hobbits who don't want any excitement, thank you very with all the excitable Took types fetchinɡ up in the Frinɡe Worlds to cause trouble for the natives. Which makes the Custodians the shadowy Gandalf and Galadriel types, I would presume. I bet the Core Worlds see the Custodians as beinɡ the worst kind of mischief makers.

I'm tryinɡ to work out how the sectors relate to each other ɡeometrically, the schematic is little help to me in this. OK, Bastion Sector is to the south of Rim Sector, Guuleman Sector is to trailinɡ, Gum Nebula is rimward but that's all I can easily determine.

So, for the GMs of more political games, how do you guys handle the various Ministries of the Commonality? Are they Soviet-style committees and presidiums, or are they more parliamentary affairs, acting as law making bodies?

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A piece of EDM music as inspiration for the dangers of spaaaace...

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