Hello everybody. I'm new in this wonderful universe and have some questions about dealing with the mindscape.

Must the players spend a fate point(invoking the mindscape) every time they take actions like sensorview or thoughtcast?
And another one, Is it posible to detect targets without mindscape implat using sensorview?


In mondjammer traveller I am having trouble finding stats for how long it takes a make point to make something (a kilogram per hour or what?)

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Yes, that's right: this is a game setting where you can have a Meme War. It's just like the 2016 election!


Any mindjammer players anywhere near Bakersfield California? Hunting for a Face-to-Face :) 

So I wanna run Mindjammer again on roll20 or something, but several of the people I want to game with don't have the book, is there any cut down Just character stuff I can give them without having to engage in the dubious sharing of ebooks? 

Also if anyone is interested in playing.....

anybody know if a core worlds book is coming out any time soon? 

Have you guys watched Red Vs Blue? beside the show being a real riot, there are several elements that are ripe for appropriation in a Mindjammer campaign, starting with the Project Freelancers.Won't say what it is, but it could be a lot of things in our dear settings.

What happens when a ship's avatar loses contact with the ship for a significant amount of time? The avatar stepped through a wormhole and was out of the mindscape for a few days?

I had the player play the avatar since the party was with the avatar, but I wasn't sure how to play out the ship and avatar reuniting.

I could use a little help in with brainstorming...

In my random system creation for the Ghost of Jupiter Subsector I came up with a system (the first one the players are actually visiting) that had a Tech Index 7 lost colony, balkanized, feudal government, population 10^7 on an Agreeable world.

Also, the system has a planetoid in extreme outer orbit, extremely seasonal.

I think that what is happening in this system is that every 74 years the planetoid sweeps in to the inner system on its highly elliptical orbit, causing some kind of major mischief. This mischief explains why the lost colony is so small for such an agreeable world, and still has a feudal government even though it is tech index 7. I'm picturing all the inhabitants of the planet living in scattered fortresses of maybe 10^4 inhabitants each.

Help me out...

* what is the mischief the planetoid causes every 74 years? I'm trying to avoid direct Pern copying.

* How does a society that small and scattered maintain Tech Index 7? How did it get to Tech Index 7 in the first place? 

In my current game the Exploration Ship has a crew of about 1000 people.  I was considering how to represent this.
My thought was to build it as an Organisation and a Nested Culture based on their Home World.
The reason for doing this is that in the future the crew will interact with other worlds (non-human) and this presents how they will effect each other culturally.
Does anyone see any issues with this?
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