Level ONE Network is dead! You know I loved this company when it first came out. I loved the look and feel of it - and I loved how we got front page exposure with it.

And then there was the compensation plan. Now for me - I knew how to work it and I knew how to train my team - so they learned how to work it. But - a pass up system in affiliate marketing can be a kiss of death.

Oh sure - if you are a great recruiter - you can make a fortune. But in reality - average people can only sponsor 1 to 2 people into their MLM or their affiliate program. So - you are always facing the statistics.

Until you change them into extra ordinary people that is!

Now I knew LON was in trouble - and after a while I just figured it was time for me to bow out. But it's dead and no need to cry over spilled milk.

Now for me - I went with another company - and have been with them for 3 years. And they have a network blog too. And theirs was designed by some of the top online marketers in our industry - so I still have that powerful network blog - but just with a different name on it.

And they do not use a pass up system - so I love that!

In addition - I have made more money with them than any other affiliate program that I have ever been in. But you could learn about that on my blog.

HOWEVER - I recently joined another affiliate program that takes that pass up system - and reverses it. And actually - takes the normal horizontal affiliate system - and stands it up on it's ear - and almost guarantee's success.

And I say almost - because we could never say guaranteed success when it comes to affiliate marketing. BUT - this is the best program I have ever seen - and my team is absolutely giddy over the results.

In fact - the darned thing grows exponentially! I mean - I did fairly well with Level ONE. I had Level ONE to the point where I felt like I finally found that one great program that I could retire with.

But what I have now clearly shows me that I was delusional at best. Because when we stop and consider everything that a pass up system offers us - it ultimately offers us failure because you have to give to people. Not take away from them.

Anyway - I started this community - obviously to bring all of us Level ONE Network folks together. You know - to offer tips to help us all. But - LON is dead.

And I certainly hate spammy post's more than any one else. So I refuse to do that - even in a community that I had created. But if you are open to see how Vertical Affiliate Marketing can change your life forever - well check out my blog under the Work With Me section - and see what the Best Affiliate Program looks like.

And better yet - email me and request the video that shows you how this Vertical Affiliate Marketing program can change everything about how you build an income online.

Now to close - I wish all of you the very best of success in everything that you do. And yes there is plenty of life after Level ONE Network. So I wish you nothing but improved prosperity - even without Level ONE!
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