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Hey guys, I've made another roleplaying community. Yep, I made yet another one! Anyway, this one is multi-fandom roleplay. Any fandom you want. Join and have fun roleplaying with lots of different people and fandoms :D

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Percy is now my role model.

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Well, I'm already part of it so..

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*dives toward them, doges spells, bullets, arrows*
*pins them all down*

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Oh. My. Gods. This. Is. Perfect. Demigod Direction, you are now my favorite band.

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+Damini Jackson Daughter of Olympus +Layla Segabache ((And also OPEN to anyone who would like to join me))

Talia walks all around the camp, feeling bored. She is done training early and feels like taking a stroll and maybe riding her Pegasus around camp. Suddenly, she has an idea. Hey, does anyone want to walk through New Rome with me? I'm kind of bored after finishing fight practice for today.

Hey if anybody on here likes The Kane Chronicles I made a community. It's called The House of Life, Per Ankh and made by me. Please join!

Damini walked along the lake's shore, watching the gentle waves ripple across the calm blue surface of the lake. Suddenly, she saw something crashing down from the sky. She ducked for cover, recognizing it as some sort of monster. She drew her silver throwing disc and hurled it at the monster. She heard a scream.
(For +Layla Segabache

Name: Talia Williams (but you may call her Tali)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Godly Parent: Pluto

Day arrived at camp: July 21
Cohort: Second
Personality: Shy, mysterious, intelligent, brave

Eyes: Dark emerald green
Hair: Black with a streak of purple
Skin: Pale

Likes: The dark, fighting, the underworld
Dislikes: Bright colours, liars and hypocrites
Weapons: A stygian iron sword and also a backup Imperial Gold knife
Powers: Can control and summon the dead and can shadow travel

Family: Felicity Williams (mom) Alexander Smith (stepfather)
Friends: ((open to anyone who would like to be my friend; comment))
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: (none)

Thank you!
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