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Top 5 Odd Couples
Romance In Pokemon Anime,Games And Movies[with Closed Captions]
Valentines Day Special Video
The Best Shipping Is here
Thanks For Watching,Like And Share(Appreciated)

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We Got Some New News And Facts About The Recent Interview Of The Director of XY series, Tetsuo Yajima
The Facts Revolve Around Amourshipping,The Kiss,Alain and The Whole Pokemon XY&Z Series


I must say +Youngster Joey thank you for promoting me

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"Comatose" - Amourshipping [AMV] (Ash & Serena)

I present you with my 5th and final Amourshipping AMV (for now) and sincerely hope you all enjoy. This, in my mind, is my personal best out of all AMVs I done & consider this a little Christmas gift :)

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Serena To Alola
Possible Return In March 2017

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Amourshipping AMV Hope U Like it

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Theory Video on How She Might Return In Sun And Moon Anime Later
And Also
Discussion//Speculation On Why The Writers Have Decided To Move Serena To Hoenn ?

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Pokemon Segement Featuring Serena//Ash-Greninja//XY&Z Voice Actors And Serena Kissing Satoshi Subbed

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