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Thanks for the invite

Hello Everyone. I started a community that you "TALK IT OUT ", your daily problems and issues, ask for advice. But it is up to the individual to accept the advice. Anyone can join, just be respectful of each others feelings. If you are having a good day..share it. Maybe some happiness can be shared and rubbed off on others, you might help a person that is being picked on or bullied in school, or a girl being teased. You might help another person out and make them happy. Or help them make a good decision whatever it maybe. It makes the individual feel special and loved even by a stranger. That they matter and they can talk it out with people that may have similar issues or problems. If your having a not so good day, maybe we can help one another have a shoulder to lean on. Or a bended ear to listen. But remember no one here is a professional counselor or therapist. But just other people that might be able to help and make you SMILE and BE HAPPY. :-)

Thanks for the invite.
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