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Peggy is with Barney and his crew. We are hunting down Conrad Stonebanks. He is up to no good.

Who wants to rp with me?

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Name: Peggy
Nicknames: Peg, feisty pants, Peggster, and Kid (by Barney).
Age: 19 years old
Gender: Female
Side: Good
Species: Human
Likes ((still working on this!)): Barney Ross and Barney's crew.
Dislikes: Surprises, pranks, being restricted, being fussed at, careless people, bad guys, being asked if I have a crush on Barney, and know-it-alls.
Body type: What is this supposed to mean?
Weapons: An axe
Bio: She has a bit of a crush on one of Barney's crew members. Peggy often helps his crew out when they need it and is the youngest member of their crew.
Looks: See below:
Height: 5'3
Weight: Idk as of now, but I will come back and edit this part when I think of it...

Who is rping as Barney Ross?

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anyone up for RP? these are my characters..hangouts me if ur interested
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Hello. I'm new here. Can I rp as Barney Ross' sister or is that not allowed here? I'm totally new to the Expendables so bear with me.

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Hi there it is a good day to day
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