.......hello lonely club lol been a while

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Their was word that the school was to have a new student coming from Japan, aparently he was extremly smart and had the looks of a model, he was a pop icon back at his country but moved here to relax from fame, all these were rumors of course but you soon found out they weren't just some stupid rumor but actually a straight up fact well some of it so far. the kid was in your homeroom class since you two took most of the same classes you were assigned to show the newbie around, you couldn't help but blush around him, he had a gorgeous face and his expression was always the same, but when he smiled it was such a sight to see.the only problem that stopped you was that you thought he only knew one language which was Japanese of course. all these thoughts in your head came to a stop when he looked across the room to you
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( :3 hi Røukuu “Røukie” Riame long time never rp lol doing part two of horror rp about a house that was abandoned 60 years if you remember ) after years pass you and amy never was same again amy was sent Psychiatric hospital the house where you lost one of your dearest friends Kuu the collapse house was rebuilt over time you thought you could leave it alone but after losing Kuu you wanted revenge came back to where it all happend (

hello everyone hows it been anyone still ailve here lol XD

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Urgh, sorry you guys. I haven't been with you guys in a while. The reason is because of school. Also. My dad stopped my phone from connecting to wifi at home and gave me 2 gigs per month. So I just have to connect to other wifi networks. I'll try my best to stay active.

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its been a year things are calm at the school student's all Graduation new freshmen are coming sighs lot of papers just when you thought you were done you see a little girl all white runs inside the room ( coming back! XD

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REAL NAME -- tracy mikala austin
ACTIVE NAME -- deminacour
APPEARANCE -- look at the fuking picture you dolt
BREED -- unknown, believed to be either a demigod, and or wolf of some kind
MENTAL STATUS -- bipolar, one side is mental, easly compared to joker/fighter, his other side is kind but sadistic
ABILITIES -- strength, agility, regenerative, better senses than any human and most machines, as well as some form of shadow jump
PAST CRIMES -- rape, murder, theft, arson, vandalism, manslaughter, attempted genocide, attempted theft of nuclear devices, trespassing, smuggling, ect.
GEAR -- he is know to carry two (2) custom Winchester 9mm and a short Irish brood sword of unknown material ((pic in album)

BIO -- for as long as the people of washington state can remember he has been a problem, he appeared in there state in a small town 8 years ago, and killed 7 police officers and 12 civilans, and injured 32 others, he was instituted to a mental hospital and has escaped everything they put him in, on many ocations he has tried to assault staff and others, as his other side has tried and succeeded in rape-ing the others, while simply convincing some to sleep with him with easy, they say in later evaluation his voice was "like silk and gold, i couldent stop myself",

he is unshure of his past or where hes from, his skin is hard, unbreakable by normal means, unable to retrieve blood untill he cut himself on the sword, his blood seemed to be a mix of everyone in the world a well as all breed of k9, he was handed over to the government for a few years but escaped and tried to steel and detonate a nuclear payload in dallas texas, where he was stopped and apprehended by the "justice league" and imprisoned once more, he has since then escaped and went back to Washington state, living in the woods*
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Remember when Silver was here and death the kid was our head teacher? Good old days

uh this community seems be dead XD

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"The only reason shadows have no colour is because everyone here is so colourless"

"Your shadow is like your past, it won't change by it's self you have to change first."

Name: Neovade Kakimri

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Shadow origin

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: unpredictable, mysterious, serious, calm, relaxed, quite,

Style of fighting: It changes from foe to foe, he learns and takes bits from other people's styles increasing his own, he thinks very quickly on the spot however he prefers it when the foe can't see him and are not expecting the attack

Weaknesses: When his foe can fly, this puts him at a huge disadvantage, when the foe has no shadow, defence, working in a team

Likes: Relaxed places without much noise, hanging out with friends having a little laugh, a god battle with well thought out strategies, reading

Dislikes: Shiny things, round objects, when the sky is blue for two days straight, when there are purple flowers but no nettles

Bio: Neovade was not always the silent type. Way back in the war of the hopeless trinity he relied on others however this was a drawback as soon he was in situations where he had to work on his own... This brings us to the town of Tranquility. Neovade's home. However this peaceful heaven was soon brought to destruction when the dark collections attacked. Taking children by the thousands and apparently it wasn't just shadow origins, humans and even aura wielder 'cubs' were taken to their home lands... Reasoning they had for this was beyond even Neovade... As times grew tough he learnt more and more when situations forced him to. This brings Neovade to now... Unlike most if someone attacks his friends, he would not rush their help instead he would advice them on how to get out since that way they can grow stronger rather than lean on him.

Hobbies: Studying blood of many creatures, drawing out the patterns of weather, playing the violin, playing chess however he is not very good at chess....

voice tone:
He had a calm voice that is easily heard but some some what silent.

Skin tone: light brown

Hair colour: raven black

Eye colour : Deep grey

Missing body parts?: none

Scars?: none

Glasses: yes, reading glasses

Outfit: A blue jacket and he always keeps his collars up, he wears a black shirt and a blue tie however he always wears his tie with the smaller end of it being in front of the main end. He always wears black school trousers.

Weapon: his shadow is his main weapon however for whatever reason he ant use his shadow, he should use his simple throwing dagger.

Spirit animal: Tiger

Sports: horse riding

Crushes: none as of yet

Friends: Ruina, Verlex

Foes/rivals: none as of yet

Favourite drink: water from the river tinted with sugar

Favourite food: tuna

Powers: the ability to control shadows when shadows are visible in the area.

He also has a muscle in his left hand that slices out of his skin like a claw which is barbed. It is used for fishing mainly but sometimes he uses it in combat

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