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Norhill, the home to millions of mythical creatures, humans, and other beings. You are among these different species.

Where you live and spend your free time will depend not only on your personal preference, but on your personality, your choices throughout your life in Norhill, how you feel about others, and maybe even your species.

I am your...supervisor and narrator I guess you could say and I'm here to inform you of the of the past and current events that are happening in Norhill.

Norhill has homed different species for generations, from mermaids to chimeras, from Gods to humans. They had lived in harmony for centuries and in some cities and town's in Norhill, they still do, but wars between species have broken out and have caused chaos to others in response. The once peaceful Norhill has spiraled downhill.

The species that have gone into wars have called upon others to join their side, in result putting a great divide between species.

Town pubs, restaurants, stores, jobs requirements, and even home owning, have become specie specific, anyone not meeting the specie requirements will not be allowed into these specie specific places or will not be granted jobs or homes.

Nadav and Adana, a werewolf and a Diwata, are two people who have lived in Norhill all of their lives and they have been trying to end the wars and bring peace back into Norhill. They've assembled a community of people who all live in a small town on the outskirts of Norhill. The town where these people live is called Dormilla, a town deemed specie neutral, and these people train and work to prepare for a war that is bound to happen. They prep, they work, they all contribute to bringing peace back to Norhill.

You know the story, but my question to you is...

Who are you? What do you stand for?

Are you evil? Are you good? Are you neutral?

Or are you just a bystander in all of this?

That, is for you to decide. The choices you make, the things you say, the people you encounter will all effect your life here in Norhill. So, welcome and I wish you luck in your adventures.

Are you going to be a myth or a legend?

Find a job? Go on a adventure? Fight in a war? Live a peaceful life alone? Build and settle down with family? Bring peace to Norhill?

These are all things that you need to consider when you begin your life here. Everything you do will not only effect your life here but it will effect others and Norhill. You may think that your life here won't effect anything, that you'll just be in the background, unnoticed, but every life here is significant. Every life here counts. So make the most of your life here in Norhill.

Please see the character templates and the rules before you begin, I apologize for the the length of this but the backstory and the talking aspect of this is extremely important to the way you will roleplay in this community. Everyone has a place here, everyone is welcome. Nadav, Adana, and Dianna (Your narrator/Story Teller/supervisor of the whole community) are all extremely important so when you see a post with their name tab please read it closely as it may contain important things that will contribute to the story line of Norhill.

That's all for this post, please move on to the templates and rules before you begin. Thank you for joining Myth and Legend.

!Character Templates!
Quote: (1-3 Optional)


Nickname: (Optional)



Species: (This one is important! You should check the rules for a species list or you should ask me if you can be a certain species that is not on the species list in the rules.)

Hair color:

Eye color:


Skin Tone:

Other: (Ex. Hooves, Fur, Fur color, ect)

Powers/abilities/styles/gifts: (Check the rules!)

Weapon(s): (Optional, also check the rules)

Birth town: (Yeah...Check the rules....just do it.)

Current town:

Current allegiance: (Do I need to say it again?)



Weaknesses: (MUST BE INCLUDED)


Partner: (Optional)

Friends/relationships: (Optional)




Pet: (Optional)

Backstory: (Must be fairly detailed, 5-7 sentences at the least.)

Extra: (Ex: Theme song, ect OPTIONAL)

This is just the standard template, it will vary for different species and if you have any questions/concerns what so ever about if you should include certain things or disregard anything in this template, then tag me under the questions tab. +Jayde Carsile, I will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Norhill has a variety of rule and information that you need to know before you begin your story. So, let's get started.

Norhill has a three strike system, I will monitor posts to make sure that everyone abides by the rules and administer the strikes and punishments that come with each strike.

~ One Strike= Warning
~ Second Strike= A Temporary Ban
~ Third and Final Strike= Permanent Ban


~ 1. Read the Story-line (Yes this is a rule. It may seem stupid but it's extremely important.

~ 2. Make a Profile and Wait for Approval From Me or Mod. Make sure to follow the character template that I have for you in the Story-line & Discussions tab. If you want to edit your profile, make sure to post the updated version with UPDATED on it. Wait for approval again. _

~ _3. No God-modding. I understand that for certain species you will be powerful but there are limits. If I see a profile that I believe is to powerful, I will ask you to change something. The restrictions will be listed below. No ivinsibility!

~ 4. No Taking Control Of Another OC. If your RP partner gives you permission to mind control or take over their character than it is fine but doing it without permission is against the rules.

~ 5. No Hentai! This one is really important. I, personally, have no problem in Hentai role-play but there are many people that I know are uncomfortable with it so if you believe your role-play is heading in that direction than please take it to a private post. Kissing, relationships, marriages, light shows of affection are completely fine.

~ 6. No Spam. No posts that are like, post this or you'll die or shit like that. It's ridiculous. Um if you'd like to advertise a community then ask me or a mod before hand and get permission.

~ 7. Respect Everyone. If I ever see anyone disrespecting another roleplayer that is anyway bullying and is not being used in a good nature role play than it will result in an immediate ban. If it's agreed by both roleplayers that the character is naturally mean and just not a warm person, that's fine just don't take it to far.

~ 8. Ask Before Joining in a Roleplay. People will jump into role-plays without the post makers consent and it's a little disrespectful so please ask before jumping into a role-play.

~ 9. No Text Talk/Be Detailed. Just...No text talk. Please. Try and be as descriptive as possible (At least two to three full sentences) I get that sometimes in certain situations you can't be extremely descriptive and if you're in that situation than one full sentence is fine, as long as you try.

~ 10. Cussing. Seriously? It's fine. Just don't be excessive

~ 11. Killing Off OC's. Don't kill other role-players OC's without their consent. As for killing your own, it's fine. Just make an update profile with a DECEASED tag.

~ 12. Max Profiles. The max is 3.

~ 13. Pets. Pets are like is you're human and you want a dragon or something. The max pet limit per profile is one.

~ 14. Be as active as possible and share the community! If you enjoy this community be as active as you possibly can in and please share it!

Alright that's the basic rules, follow them. I don't want to have to ban people. Now for some basic information and what some things mean on here.

If you already looked at the different Role-play spots than you'd notice that there's danger levels, war zones, war homes, and specie neutral and specific places. Those are guidelines

Depending on your species you will either be better in a certain place (Specie Specific) or a general area (Specie Neutral). The places that you will spend most of your time will also be affected by your choices and by your allegiances. There will be a list of Species and what areas are safe for those certain species and there will also be a list of safe areas for people who are on certain sides of the war.

War zones are areas with active fights and battles. Everyday there will be battles going on in the war zones so be extremely cautious. There will be posts to let you know what exactly is going on in each war zone. If you wish to roleplay in that area than copy and paste the post into your roleplay before writing. It'll let others know what is happening in the background.

War homes are home areas of the two sides of species that are in the wars. Depending on if you chose a side in the war, those area will or will not be safe for you.

The danger levels inform you of how high the chances of you getting attacked are. It all depends on your species, the side your on, and your choices. Again, there will posts to inform people what is happening in that specific area.

This Community is very story based, the stories are what is going to keep this community alive, hopefully.

There will be a General tab, that's for you to make up an area in Norhill for you to role-play in just in case the areas that listed are not to your liking.

There will detailed explanations to what each area looks like

See Species Post for lists for lists of species that you can pick from and for lists of where is safe for you to rp in depending on you species, choices, and side you've chosen.

Species Lists

Human (Warrior, normal person, Dragon tamer, ect)

If you do not see a species on here that you would like to role-play as then please, under the questions tab, tag me and tell what species you would like to role play as.

Safe Zones

Dormilla -Home of Dianna, Nadav, & Adana, anyone who has chosen to fight for Norhill to be peaceful and united again is welcome. This place has a almost no violence policy and is not specie specific.

Eastdale -Specie specific! Safe only for those who are Vampires, Witches, Warlocks, and Demons. Also safe for those who have chosen the side of the Vampires/Devils/Demons

Bluehollow -Safe for creatures and people who have NOT chosen a side in the war and are just fighting to bring peace back into Norhill. This place is not violence free and getting into a fight with someone/something else is not uncommon but for the most part this place is safe.

Arcadia -Specie Specific! Safe only for those who are Werewolves, Lycans, Kitsunes, and Nogitsunes. This is not a place that is dependent on chosen sides. The danger level for Arcadia is high due to the violent nature of most Lycans and Werewolves, especially on full moons.

Alfheim -Specie Specific! Safe only for those who are Angels, Fairies, Sylphs, Diwatas, and Pixies. This place is not dependent on a chosen side. These species tend to be more passive and at most will give a tongue lashing which is why the danger level is low, but there is a chance that a fairy will attack so, still be cautious.

Asgard -Specie Specific! Safe only for those who are Gods, Demi-Gods, Diwatas, and Angels. This place is dependent on the side you choose. If you choose the side of the Gods than you're safe here. Gods tend to have short tempers which is why this is high level danger zone.

Fairpyne -Specie Neutral! Safe for everyone. This place tends to get a lot people who have chosen sides or have chosen not to fight and in result end with fights between people who can't agree. This place is extremely dangerous so be careful.

Riverhall -Specie Specific! Only safe for Sirens, Ghouls, and Trolls. Sirens like to temp people into their waters and Ghouls tend to eat people often which is why this place is at a high level of danger.

Maplelake -Specie Neutral! This place is mainly the home to Mermaids, it's also where you will find the Lady of the Lake (Dianna). People will often visit here for her guidance. It can be a dangerous place when the Mermaids become protective over Dianna but for the most part it's completely safe for everyone.

Valhalla -Specie Specific! Only safe for Banshee's, Humans, Centaurs, and Trolls. Amazons will get extremely violent towards those who are not welcome and they tend to battle and fight a lot which results in a lot of injuries.

Stonewick -WAR ZONE! Active battles will most likely take place here everyday so enter at your own risk. War zones are not Specie specific.

Valmont -Specie Specific! WAR HOME! Main base to the creatures and people who have chosen to join the Vampires/Devils/Demons

Lockecrest -Specie Specific! WAR HOME! Main base to the creature and people who have chosen the sides of the Gods.

Mistwater -The lake in Maplelake that the Lady of the Lake resides most of the time. This is where people go to speak to her for guidance.

That is all the area information that I can give you guys right now. Now, go. Make your profiles and get started on your adventure.

Anyone can enter any of these places. it's best that you're cautious when entering places that you're not exactly welcome in.
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