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Moonlight Nursery
We welcome children between the ages of 2 to 4 years and provide care, educational and academic attention as well as recreational activities.
Among our top priorities is the care of infants by highly experienced female employees in this field, in addition to providing all kinds of entertainment for young children and taking into account the use of time during the day to cover the largest number of activities that provide the child with increased awareness and self-confidence, as well as an open personality.
The internal area - 350 square meters and the outdoor area - 200 meters (playground)
The administrative staff consists of a group of female employees with good experience and reputation in this field exceeding 14 years
Address: Amman Sweifieh behind American schools
Moonlight Nursery, Villa No. 14,


Hi members, well I won't be involved for about six months, we are moving our home and business to the midwest, we have a lot to move and it will take about six trips. I will still be in contact and I will be a lot more active after the move, so please bare with to you soon.
Mike Verner

Just a little note to discuss with fellow nursery owners.

When you use a hose to water your potted plants do not overfill the pot. On a 1 gallon pot , as soon as I see a little standing water I stop.If you overfill the pot it will remove a little soil too. After a few waterings you will have to add soil or repot, these plants are your profit'
On a five gallon pot I will count to five slowly then stop, On all other sizes Just add another five count.
Just a little trick I use here at Verner Farm & Nursery.

Sorry about the dirty post that some idiot has sent to this site, I will clean it up as I find it !!! Some people have nothing better to do but post pictures of themselves........remember what you post is there forever, lets keep it clean....mike

Good morning fellow nursery owners, Well I have a lot to report. Verner Farm & Nursery is growing and also moving to a new location. We will be moving over the summer and no doubt into next year. I hope to be relocated by mid 2018. I will then be able to spend a lot more time with you on this site, You will be able to see the progress and share your thoughts on what we are doing. Now that we will have a much larger place and more exposeure to the public our business model will change. We will now be a true urban farm as well as a nursery. We will also be on level ground with much better weather for growing. We will still have to deal with some snow. On the plus side we will get some summer rain, a rarity here in California. Our business climate will improve too, as some of you know California is a tough place to start a nursery or a small farm. Our new location will be the only nursery in the town, a real plus. We will be the first urban farm in this town also so it will be a win- win. I have been doing this business model for thirty years and it has been very good to me and my family. It is time to take it to a new and better level. We sold to farmers markets in southern cal. for 15 years ,but never on a large scale. In our new location that will change, we can now sell at our own location as well as at local farmers markets. We have done a lot of wholesale in the past, and I am looking forward to opening a true garden center and stepping into a new selling arena. You will be with nme as I regrow this business and I will share the ups and downs of getting it set up.
I will talk about what I have done to select a site and how I am dealing with the town and area..........stay tuned. Mike

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How do I get your password Mike for

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Well folks I have been waiting for feed back to my offer, but so far I have only had one taker. I hope you are serious about your interest in being a nursery owner.......we will see. Visit to take advantage of this chance to make some real money for a small investment.

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hI members, I have just returned from a trip to the midwest. When we arrived home there was snow on the ground, I don't really like snow !! The trip was great and I went to my first hocket game when my son had his 50 th birthday party at the game.
But now it is time to get back to work. I have posted my special nursery owners deal and have it loaded on my web site , to see the deal visit this site and you can read about it. When you get to the site go to the store and click on the succulent page. This deal can make you some real money this year and get you started in the nursery business. The deal will more than pay for itself, and then keep making you money rvery year. As time goes by I will offer you more deals to help you grow your if you really are serious about making money in the plant industry order your kit and get growing.
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