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ѕєєѕ α ωσℓf тяу αттα¢к α ρυρ αѕ ι ¢σмє яєѕ¢υє ιт, ι ѕтαи∂ ιи fяσит σf тнє ρυρ αѕ ι ωαяи тнє вℓα¢к ωσℓf тσ вα¢к σff

*ωσℓf иαмє: ℓιgнтиιиg**
(σρєи яσℓєρℓαу)
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[Name] Nick Jemovo
[Race] werewolf
[Gender] male
[Age] 15
[Personality] sneaky, compassionate,secretive, caring, aggressive, and temperamental
[Likes] the night,darkness,being alone,music,and reading/books
[Dislikes] full moon,and loosing my temper
[skills] fighting,hunting,and getting into trouble
[powers] can gain wolf ears,wolf tail,fang like teeth,super sharp claws,and my eyes turn light grey ether from a full moon or when i get mad
[weapons] my fang like teeth and my super sharp claws
[height] 5'8
[weight] 113 lbs
[Bio] after his parents died from an illness he went out to the woods and met a strange creature the creature seemed to be half human half wolf the creature attacked him the next day nick woke up in a daze unsure of what happened the night before when he went into town the townsfolk stared at him in horror one said "there's the monster!" nick was chased from the town and stumbled upon a small town living in the forest and occasionally going into town
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Name: Jack Snow
Age: 18
Species: Lycanthrope
Bio: Jack Snow was raised in a Wolf pack. At age 10, he went to live with Humans, learning about them through nonfictional books and watching them. He is very protective and is currently living in a forest.

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Name: shadow
Age: 17
Sex: male
Species: Werewolf

Likes killing for money

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name Roge shadow

gender male

speecies werewolf

where am i. I,m in a abondond town.

likes to protect others and my wolf form.

Hello there fellow werewolves/lycans.  It's a beautiful night where I am right now.
Name: Leah
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Species: Werewolf

Name: Anthony
Gender: male
Species: apex werewolf
Bio: my last pack has betrayed me my best friend challenged me to alpha but he failed. after I defeated him the others attacked I don't know why but I did what needed to be done (I did not kill any of them I just injured them all 18 of them)an now if looking for a trust worthy pack.

Ever since I created this community, I've forgotten to put what gender you are. X) I am terribly sorry. But please add your gender along with your names, ages, etc.

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Pulls up in Cadillac 
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