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Sits down at the park bench feeding the ducks with bread when suddenly someone walks over to her not wearing amity clothing..

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Name: Liliana Tee York

Nickname: Lily (friends call her Lil's)

Age: 14

Fraction born into: Amity

Chosen Fraction: hasn't chosen

History: Grew up without a mum because her mum strangled a man to death
and became fractionless. Is one off 4 and has a bestfriend who do everything together. Her friends name is Tegan Finch and they have a crush on the same boy: Jason Tuker. She is divergent but doesn't know it. She is erudite as she loves books, she is amity as she is kind and caring and dauntless as she is brave and loves sport. She doesnt know wut fraction she is going to chose

Personality: Kind, Caring, Creative, Clever, Brave, Sporty and Secretive.

Family: Mum: Alice York (Frationless) 34
Dad: Jake York (Amity) 36
Sisters: Tilly York (hasn't chosen) 12
Lira York (candor) 18
Brother Logan York (Amity) 16

Sexuality: straight

Role: Member
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[Full Name:]
Gabrielle Lyla Beaumont.
I was born into Dauntless.
Just a member.

Hair: Light brown.
Eye: Brown.
Weight: 101 lbs.
Height: 5'5"
Giving, kind, sweet, childish, selfless, stubborn, gentle, and awkward.
My family all expected me to choose Dauntless because I acted like a Dauntless. The problem was I did not feel right in Dauntless. Dauntless was for my brother, not me. He was cut out for it. I had a hard time adjusting to Abnegation, but I feel fine now.

Mother: Jenessa Beaumont.
Father: Luke Beaumont.
Brother(s): Jett Beaumont-older.
Crush: Um.. no?
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Full Name:
Anastasia Lianna Jewel
Anna or Lianna. But whatever's comfortable with you.
The Erudite would be scientific, which would make me a female. I consider myself a girl.
Amity. But she could have gone to Abnegation or Erudite too. She was born into Candor. She is a Divergent.
I am a member, as all of us are.

Hair: Blonde
Eye color: Blue-green.
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 98 lbs
Sweet, peaceful, selfless, brave, will do anything for her friends, kind.
Candor was only one of the two I was definitely not cut out for. That and Dauntless. I am brave, but not that brave. I was born into a Candor family, and if I had chosen it I wouldn't be true to myself. My parents were disappointed in me, as were my siblings, but I know I did the right thing. I am not at war with them or with myself.

Rina Jewel-Candor.
Jameson Jewel-Candor.
Sterling Jewel/older-Candor.
Carter Jewel/younger-Not old enough to choose.
Aaliyah Jewel/younger-Not old enough to choose.
I do not have one.

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((Don't know if anyone's here to roleplay, but... :P))

Danise sits in a dark blue chair, slumping back. Her black headphones blast music into her ears, and she nods her head to the beat. Just then, she heard a bell coming from the front door, meaning someone was here. She took her headphones off, and sighed. The downfall of working at a tattoo shop was that you had to work. Hello, what kind of tattoo do you want? She said, unenthusiastically.

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First OC

"Sorry, but I don't care!"
"If life gives you lemons, just give them back to life."

Full Name: Danise Halters

Nickname: Danise also goes by Danny, but she prefers Danise.

Age: Newly 19, she was born on December 31st, 1997, New Years Eve.

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Faction: Danise is factionless, after her aptitude results were divergent for Dauntless, Candor, and Erudite.

Role: Danise does not have a role in a Faction, as she is factionless. But, she does own a tattoo shop near the Dauntless compound.

Appearance: The picture shows her hairstyle, which was originally dark brown, but she dyed it at 18. Danise has big, purple-ish-gray eyes with long eyelashes, and she wears mascara almost every day. She has two piercings on each ear, and Danise is short for her age, about 5'5. She has a fox tattoo on her left upper arm, a floral design on her right wrist, and ravens on her right upper arm. She could get more tattoos, as Danise owns a tattoo shop. Her usual attire is casual, with lots of denim, and gray and black.

Personality: Danise is sarcastic, clever, and also an introvert. She doesn't talk much, unless she is already comfortable talking to you. Often, she will make sarcastic remarks, and will often come off as rude. Danise tends to speak her mind, and says the truth whether she thinks it is offending or not, coming from a Candor family. But, if you get to know her, she can become a trustworthy, fun-loving person. She loves adventures and thrill, and is very curious and explores without fear, which is her Dauntless side. She is also very intelligent and clever, and uses these traits for hacking, and sneaking into places. Danise is very sly and sneaky. Her wisdom and clever decisions are her Erudite side.

History: Danise was born to a wealthy Candor family. She had two sisters, Heather, two years older than Danise, and Paola, two years younger than her. Her parents always pushed them to pursue a Candor life, and that was Danise's intention.
On her aptitude test, she qualified for Dauntless, Candor, and Erudite. She didn't know what to do, and came to her mother for help. Danise's mom got worried immediately, and said that the best choice would be not to go into any Faction, as they would figure out she was Divergent, and kill her. As much as Danise didn't want to become factionless, she had to.
Her older sister Heather had switched to Dauntless two years before Danise, and her younger sister Paola stayed in Candor. Danise now lives in a shack near Dauntless Headquarters, running a tattoo shop, where she makes a living. Of course, her parents gave her enough money to survive on her own, even if they had to break the rule, 'Faction before blood.' With the help of Heather, she can easily sneak into the Dauntless compound, where she is often at, when not running her tattoo shop. She has never been caught trespassing, as she is very sneaky. Danise actually doesn't mind being factionless, as she still has a good life.

Mother: Alisha Valencia Smith, 45
Father: Joseph Halters, 45
Brother(s): N/A
Sister(s): Heather Halters, 21, Paola Halters, 17
Crush: N/A

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Second OC

"If you choose to be normal, then what are you gonna get out of life?"

Full Name: Esther Alicia Wendolynn

Nickname: She usually goes by Esther, but close friends have been known to call her E, Essie, Ali, and Waddles. ((Explained in history XD))

Age: 16, Born on August 5th, 1999.

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Faction: Esther was originally in Amity, but shockingly transferred to Dauntless.

Role: Initiate

Appearance: The picture shows her appearance. Esther is reluctant on getting any tattoos, hair dyes, and extra piercings, although her friends encouraged her to.

Personality: Esther is adventurous, creative, and an extrovert. She is friendly to most people she meets, and talks a lot. She was raised to be kind, sweet, and forgiving, and she tried to do just that. She never really mastered the forgiving part, though. She is friendly, but if you get on her bad side, she is known to hold grudges for long times. That comes with insults, creative pranks, and... Yeah. Although, her insults are hard to take seriously. She is overemotional and sensitive, a bit weak-willed. But, she joined Dauntless for a reason. She loves exploring and adventuring, and curiosity gets the better of her. She's a dare-devil, and finds creative ways to get out of tough situations. She takes on a challenge with no fear, and doesn't backs down easily. She loves pranking, and is always coming up with creative ideas. She can act somewhat immature and childish when she goes crazy.

History: Esther grew up to an Amity family, as an only child. Being the social weirdo she is, she made lots of friends, but also, many enemies. From childhood, she had an obsession for penguins. Esther had a collection of penguin shirts, waddled around like one for fun, and even talked to her parents about getting a penguin. Of course, that was when she was six. But, her friends insist on keeping her nickname, Waddles.
On the day of aptitude testing, she qualified for Dauntless. Esther was confused, as she thought she was a true Amity. Her parents had said to follow her heart, and that's what she did. She is now a Dauntless, still going through initiation.

Mother: Sierra Rosalie Parks, 43
Father: Jackson Wendolynn, 44
Brother(s): N/A
Sister(s): N/A
Crush: N/A

Name:Harley Hills


Faction since birth: Abnegation

Faction Chosen: Erudite

Name: India Hill
Faction Born : candor
Faction Choose: dauntless

Mother: India Jones
Father: Melvin Hill
Sister: Azaria Hill
Brother: Samuel Hill
Crush: Four
Appearance: black hair, brown eyes, 5"10
Personality: loves to jump high stories love climbing

name :leela sarmada
gender :female
faction :divergent
 appearance : tall, long black hair, braided  ,healthy , smart ( with nerdy glasses) black brown eyes
personality : prefer to spend time with books , talk  a lot once I get to know people prefer to be honest and always fight  for people I care
history : parents from erudite but chose abnegation sister in amity
father : sharma
mother : madhu
sister : satu
crush: will herondale hes a shadowhunter
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