A Deer

Among the winter snow a deer moves about,
Leaving tracks in the winter snow.
Looking for food at every turn
watching for hungry predators;
quick to notice my trail.

Moving to gather food for my young to live on
My footsteps are silent on the morning dew
Pressing forward a movement ahead
Nourishment provided,
But a creature is dead

A Soldier Died In Battle

Among the desert sands sunrise comes, battle rages on
sounds of bullets and sounds of bombs roll on,
A boy not yet a man holds a picture to his heart of loved ones not forgotten though oceans apart.
Called to serve his country land of the free home of brave, risking his life for loved ones, the lives of others.
Hiding his dismays he holds his head up high.
His arms braced a trusted friend watching him slowly die.
A boy he is no more,
on the day there stood a man his heart filled with rage,
and his mind fighting to understand.
Raised to be a man of god, taught thou shalt not kill.
Now placed upon the land of peace.


In these cemetery gates i sleep with my gown filled with blood and as the moon rises in this dark cemetery I have eyes blood red and hair black as night my skin so pale as the clouds in the sky my voice filled with beauty it sounds like a lullaby the sun burns my skin so I keep away from the light my teeth so sharp enough to pierce your neck they call me a vampire the darkest angle that you could ever find

I think I am gonna take out the Bi and straight category I am not that big in categorizing people What are your thoughts?

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