The Bible has been full of controversy even 1,000 of years before Christ. The scientists of the time the twentieth century gave the Nephilim myth as a good example of the errancy of the Bible. It was the new universal myth of a powerful god having sex forcibly with human women and then she would have a child.
Most bible scholars say that giant is the more accurate translation. They averaged seven and a half feet in height at a time when most males made it to five feet. Goliath is considered to the last of the Nephilim. David is mistakingly pictured as short. Scholars say he was six one, quite tall for the day.
One reason why God sent the flood was to kill off the physically superior race of giants.
For them most comprehensive description of the Nephilim go to the Ethiopian bible which contains the book of Enoch and read the section on Uriel the sun spirit of the East, the Angel who blows the second trumpet at the end of the world signaling the dead to rise. This is the start of the new creation.
Here in Detroit first congregational has a statue of Uriel on it's highest peak.
As the last stop on the under ground rail road. The run away slaves would work wake up to the new day in Canada.
Enough about the spirit world. Uriel would defeat the Nephilim who were trying to create a non human race stopping Christ from being a descendant of Eve and most importantly from becoming the Messiah.
Let's not forget science. It was long the observation of anthropologists that the more cerebral human and the powerfully physical Neanderthals lived side by side for hundreds of thousands of years without interacting.

What is now found are numerous examples of Neanderthal makes impregnating human females. Surprisingly the DNA of the Neanderthals was found altered but not the humans.

I have an interest in Egyptian mythology but I am a humble social worker by profession. The Japanese are the Masters of S and M. They trade current pleasure for more intense long term intimacy.

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