Ok I got a question are there any Tulsa furry that are in my age group? Bc I'm 17 and most furry I've talked to that r in Tulsa a normal Soo much older them.

Does any furry wanna meet up tomorrow at woodland hills Mall in Tulsa?

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We have a Telegram chat!

Question. Are these meetups only for adults? :/

Hey everyone, Any meet ups in or near Sapulpa ?

It was awesome seeing all of you yesterday on the walk around, hopefully I can start coming to a lot more of these events. Keep being amazing everyone.

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In case anybody else bikes or runs...

Hey, I hope everyone is doing well. The group has been pretty quite lately. Are there any meets coming up?

Hello, my name is Ka! Im a bit newer-ish to this big ol' fandom, as well as how meet-ups go. Ive seen recent meet ups posted, but I am unable to make any of them. So... What better way then to plan my own little one?

Wondering if anyone is interested in a small little meet-up next Fri-Sat? It would most likely be at a park, though would need others opinions on that. Fursuits welcome, of course :) Details will be given if anyone is interested.

Not even sure if im posting on the right place?

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