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umm..hey there
Name: Rebella "rebel" Mora
Grade : 10th
Apperance: Recently dye lavender hair but i dye it many times 
my natural hair color is black, People tell me me i have a thin body,I have a nose piercing and a tattoo on both my wrists but i can cover them 
Relationship status: im very much daddys little girl so im single 
Personality: i live up to my name sometimes overall i am sweet and sometimes even shy till you get to know me,
Place me in any dorm i have no preferance 
do to what my dad does for a living i cannot attend public school so this was my only other option

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Considerations when choosing a #boarding #school for your teen
Choosing where your teen will be educated is a very important decision that will have long-term repercussions on their life. #Education affects all aspects of their development, including mental and social health that will be useful for their adult years.

For more information visit here :

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there are a great many different types of boarding schools available all over the nation.

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Name: Emily Daze
Grade: 10th
Appearance: Tall, amber-highlighted blond hair, green eyes
Personality: athletic, animal lover, treehugger, country gal, fun
Dormitory Room Request: #1-A

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Hi! I'm the owner of this community, and I am also the head of Girls Dormitory #1. My name is Carissa and I am in 11th grade. I am hoping that people will join this community, and just to notify, this is not a community about school. This is a community about roleplay! I will assign every three members of each gender to he same cabin and room. First come may request and get in a room the want to be in. 
My profile is:

Name: Carissa Stevens
Grade: 11th
GPA: 4.6
Appearance: Brown, dip-dyed and curly hair, blur eyes, (see photo for more)
Dormitory Room: #1-A
Personality: Fun, bossy, but a good leader

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