When will Pidgin be updated again?

Using Pidgin in Ubunutu. Anyway to turn off alert windows of who goes online/offline? Distracting! Trying to find the setting to do this, can't seem to find it. #help  

Hello @all,

I've a question about Pidgin and Google Hangouts.

Private chats works in Pidgin, all fine.
But how can I get an existing  conference in Pidgin via Hangouts?

Thxs for your answers.

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What do you think about elementary HIG? In my opinion this solution is more effective for user than current.
I do not know but Pidgin probably uses a GTK+ in 2.0... Time to move to GTK+ 3.0 :)

Read please:

How to connect skype by the pidgin?

Kopete and Telepathy-KDE are better! :)))
Pidgin is terrible, because it's use GTK+ :P

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