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its the awkwardest when... at a store someone starts to talk to you and you talk back but you then realize that their talking on a Bluetooth

its the awkwardest when... someone waves at you and you wave back , they give you a look and they go to a person behind you 

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Is it awkward to die?
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Of course
You bet
No question

It is awkward when you are walking around a store with your friend and then he drops dead

its the awkwardest when... you say a joke and then they ask you to explain it

It is the awkwardest when... you don't know what someone sayed to you and you just smile and nod

its the awkwardest when... you say something and then you repeat yourself and they say " i heard you the first time"

its the awkwardest when... you say a joke and no one laughs

It's awkward when you burn your city down because Darren Wilson should have been indicted in your eyes
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