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Tawsif Khan

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Adrian Zapata

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Bailando tiempo de bala mis amigos jeje
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Bauchi State Governor, Mohammed Abdullahi
It is with candor, strong disapproval and
revulsion that I want to address the plethora of
publications, advertorials and exchanges that
have been going on between Bauchi State
Governors supporters and supporters of federal
legislators from Bauchi State, with the Speaker,
Hon. Yakubu Dogara at the helm of affairs.
There are accusations from government
sympathizers against the Speaker and his
supporters of being Anti-APC, that to me is the
height of invalid argument and there is no basis
for the fact that, most of us left PDP at the
gestation of the merger of parties that formed
our great party today. Most of us were at the
forefront of championing the party in our various
constituencies, gathered grassroots support,
funded and ensured that the party thrived despite
the uphill challenges that confronted us then.
The Speaker did well in his Bogoro/Dass/Tafawa-
Balewa Federal Constituency, and we did ours.
When we started canvassing for members in our
constituencies we recorded huge successes.
Then the Governor was not an APC member, he
came in about two months before the elections,
and we gave him tremendous support, to win the
Speakers Constituency and of course, Misau/
Dambam Federal Constituency.
I can sound it very clearly that no one can testify
in the APC that the Governor spent a dime in our
campaigns or our efforts in making the party
(APC) to be deeply rooted and accepted in
Bauchi State. His expenditure stopped at his
personal ambition to be a Governor at four
hundred thousand naira per local government,
multiplied by 20 local governments.
The problem with the governor started
immediately after the inauguration, when he took
a defensive position that, federal legislators are
encroaching into his territory, for merely offering
him advice because they want to serve as a
bridge between him and the electorate. Before
his inauguration some of his opponents
questioned his credibility, including his dearest
friend and protégé, our boss, former Governor Isa
Yuguda. At that point we doubted it and will do
our best to stop it from eroding further, if he will
be a listening Governor.
The Governor felt threatened, for no apparent
reason, the cultivation of political capital, which
constitutes the stakeholders, electorate and
political interest groups are the greatest asset a
politician can have, but the Governor has
become very possessive of his powers. Apart
from the unfulfilled promises of milk and honey
to delegates, other anomalies followed.
All we asked of him is to work with us at the
grassroots. It is a shame that many in the
corridors of power in Bauchi are not hardcore
APC members. We were active members of the
party from its formative stage to its maturation,
committing ourselves totally to its success.
Therefore we are averse to a situation where
late comers are the major beneficiaries of state
government apparatus. Mallam Isa Yuguda, who
is a former Governor of the state, has what it
takes to advise Governor Mohammed Abubakar.
Like many of us he (Governor Abubakar) was a
beneficiary of Mallam Yuguda’s goodwill, I am
not an exception.
Whether the allegations are true or false, he
(Mallam Isa Yuguda) should have rightly advised
his acolyte, the Executive Governor to replicate a
thing or two from his strategy of building bridges
with legislators, and other key stakeholders. One
of the reasons for his success was his ability to
mend fences, manage and carry everybody
Our concern on the matter is the disconnect
between the Governor, key stakeholders, the
grassroots and various interest groups. You
cannot be a leader when you are not in touch
with the grassroots and other elected officials.
You don’t need to look far to see and hear the
woes of the people of Bauchi State.
No capital investment has been made so far,
apart from the renovation of Government House
and guest houses, which has no meaningful
impact to the common man.
The questions that emanate from the bad
situation leaves a bitter taste in the mouth,
leaving legislators with huge personal
expenditure for the electorate in terms of social
support and services, which are the statutory
responsibilities of the State and Local
The ongoing public demonstration of pensioners,
public servants, teachers and artisans over
verification exercise and the non-payment of
salaries and pensions, is a key notice of failure
of Government in Bauchi State. The protest at
the Government House was alarming, and
showed discontentment by the people of Bauchi
State. This unhealthy turn of events will leave
the people no choice, but to resolve and bring
this conflict to an end, or we all suffer
As the PDP in the state is repositioning its
strategies to win the 2019 elections, many of us
feel we will not let the Governor to pull us (APC)
back into the doldrums. The unfinished
verification exercise of government employees is
seriously affecting the credibility of the
government. Mallam Isa Yuguda did the same
thing about 2 years ago by not stopping salaries
entirely, but went ahead with verification. Same
is happening in Kaduna without the attendant
hardship being experienced in Bauchi.
We will not want what happened in Rivers State
2011, to repeat itself to the APC in Bauchi State
come 2019 elections.
The key to success in leadership include, but are
not limited to, the ability of leaders to open
communication channels and rally support among
stakeholders. Character is a cocktail in the
success drive of leaders by keeping promises to
the electorate, stakeholders and political interest
groups. Strategize, to organize the people to
believe in him and to trust in him, this will go a
long way in consolidating support for the leader.
Unfortunately, there is absence of these
elements at the level of leadership in Bauchi
State. We the elected must work together with
one voice ‘Save Bauchi State’.
Hon. Yerima is member House of Representatives,
representing Misau/Dambam Constituency.
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Please watch and share this video
The suffering of these workers to work May
the Russian Federation without valid papers
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Klasik OyunTR

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Abone olun iyun definesi 3 sırada
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Allor oohhhhhh c'est du sex
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Miftah pase

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Lucio Pais

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Sonic Dash

I downloaded that wallpaper,also another one
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It is great..i love it but can u fix the so much ads?
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I have personally owned an Android phone for the last 3 years and up until recently I haven't been interested in Windows phones but with some of the newer ones they look pretty cool however I don't think I would ever actually switch to one based on what I read online and watching YouTube videos etcetera but I do like the look and feel so I bought the launcher to see if it was more aesthetically pleasing to my eyes. Whether or not the functionality of it is better wasn't the point however I noticed it is going to be a little bit more difficult to navigate to my apps that set her off or at least until I learn what I can do with this launcher but overall what is everyone's opinion on this?
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is that the finger that u stick up ur nose
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HiTech Service

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I have been testing Windows 10 for few months already and can easily say that if your phone did not have Windows 10 installed from the box, do not upgrade.
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Welcome to the Sunday Giveaway, the place where we giveaway a new Android phone or tablet each and every Sunday!A big congratulations to last week’s winners of the Nexus 6P Giveaway: Luke B. (St. Louis, USA). Enjoy your new Nexus 6P Luke!This week we are giving away (1) Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smartphone.More Note 5 content:Galaxy Note 5 Full Review Note 4 vs Note 5 Best Note 5 Cases & AccessoriesEnter giveawayGalaxy Note 5 International Giveaway!M...
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