Hello. My name is Melanie and I am seeking information on my great-grandparents, John Moore and Louvenia Keys. They resided in Duck Hill, MS (Carroll and Montgomery Counties). 

Hi.I was wondering if anyone knows anyone by the name of John David trigg.born 1944? Or anyone related.From biloxi ms.I have searched for a while now with no success.I have been trying to build a family tree for my children and grandchildren.Thank you in advance 

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Hi: I am new here and searching for information on the family of Luther Leigh of Corinth, MS. His parents were Joe J. Leigh and Angelina Leigh both born in Tennessee but lived in Corinth in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Luther Leigh married Lula Newman who was born in 1898, her parents listed as having been born in the US, but that's all. They had one child, Christine Juanita Leigh born 3/17/17. Lula Newman Leigh and Luther Leigh divorced at some point in the 1920's I believe, and he moved to Illinois. Lula was a seamstress and worked at the Pants Mill in 1920. This is the only record I can find for her. Her daughter, Christine stayed with Luther's parents until she was about 12 years old. There was a Klu Klux Klan incident at the farm where she lived and she left to live with her father in Illinois. Lula supposedly went to California and was killed in a car accident, I am guessing somewhere in the late 1920's. I have not been able to find any information about Lula, her parents, or her death. If anyone knows anything about this family or where I might search other than ancestry.com, please let me know.
Thanks, Jaime

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If anyone is linked to the Gaston family, which resided primarily in Panola and Chickasaw counties, please let me know.

I'm looking for marriage certificate for Hugh William Bledsoe and Eunice Westmoreland. Family records say marriage was April 3, 1901 at Quitman Co., MS but can't find it using any online searches. They later resides at Holly Springs, MS. Any advice on where to look next is greatly appreciated.

I am looking for any Information on my grandfather friley Webster. He is shown on one census in MADISON Mississippi with his grandmother Lucy Nolan. Any information on these two would be helpful. He also have a military record. 

Hello fellow members,

I've been doing family history research for over 20 years and I have found myself hitting a brick wall for a family with the surname of Pruitt. The father is a Matt Pruitt and his children are Phillip, California, Reddick(Reddock), Adam, Martha, Mary, Edmund, Saphronia . Wife name is Eliza.

The problem I have is I find them in the 1880 census in Jasper County Mississippi, but the 1870 census has no trace of them in any county in Mississippi even though the children were born in Mississippi. I've tried looking up with different surname, but no such luck.

Matt shows up in the 1900 census in Jasper county, widowed, but showing he was born in North Carolina in 1841 not Virginia as stated in the 1880 census.

The only other clue I have is Philip Pruitt who was in Newton county and who have can trace and Adam Pruitt who married in Newton county to a Mattie Thompson, but moved to Jones County. I intend to send off for his death record, but at the moment I was wondering if anyone out there has any information pertaining to African-American surname Pruitts in the Jasper, Newton or Jones County of Mississippi in 1870 or before. Where where they in 1870 and why are they not related to other African-American Pruitts in the area? Thank you.

Looking for information on Frank Bradley born in Mississippi abt 1895- 97 married to Mary Alice had 9 children last info seen was 1930 census in Monroe co Mississippi. Also had a death of one son Perry who was killed about 1930 give or take ...Any info would be helpful .. Thanks
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