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Michael DuBose

Discussion  - 
If anyone is linked to the Gaston family, which resided primarily in Panola and Chickasaw counties, please let me know.
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Barrie Hardin

Discussion  - 
I'm looking for marriage certificate for Hugh William Bledsoe and Eunice Westmoreland. Family records say marriage was April 3, 1901 at Quitman Co., MS but can't find it using any online searches. They later resides at Holly Springs, MS. Any advice on where to look next is greatly appreciated.
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Brita Pruitt

Discussion  - 
Hello fellow members,

I've been doing family history research for over 20 years and I have found myself hitting a brick wall for a family with the surname of Pruitt. The father is a Matt Pruitt and his children are Phillip, California, Reddick(Reddock), Adam, Martha, Mary, Edmund, Saphronia . Wife name is Eliza.

The problem I have is I find them in the 1880 census in Jasper County Mississippi, but the 1870 census has no trace of them in any county in Mississippi even though the children were born in Mississippi. I've tried looking up with different surname, but no such luck.

Matt shows up in the 1900 census in Jasper county, widowed, but showing he was born in North Carolina in 1841 not Virginia as stated in the 1880 census.

The only other clue I have is Philip Pruitt who was in Newton county and who have can trace and Adam Pruitt who married in Newton county to a Mattie Thompson, but moved to Jones County. I intend to send off for his death record, but at the moment I was wondering if anyone out there has any information pertaining to African-American surname Pruitts in the Jasper, Newton or Jones County of Mississippi in 1870 or before. Where where they in 1870 and why are they not related to other African-American Pruitts in the area? Thank you.

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David Mayhall

Discussion  - 
Looking for information on the Rufus and Geneva Mayhall family of Sunflower County Mississippi. Specifically in the time period of 1924 to 1936. They were share croppers I believe on the Waco Plantation. Also looking for the newspaper obituary of Geneva Mayhall who died June 1936.
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Jodie Rosales

Discussion  - 
Hi, i am new to the community, but have been researching my family's geneology for about 15 years. I have a group that resided in Issaquena county (as tenant farmers, i believe) in the early 1920's - early 1930s. The fathers name is John Lee Martin (or Lee John Martin), and the mother was Ella Harrington Martin. They were white, which i think is important to note, as there were NOT that many white tenant farmers in Issaquena county in the 1930s from what i can tell. They had several kids, all of whom i've found in the various census' to 1930 and 1940, and also in the Mississippi Educable Children's list. Somewhere between 1930 and 1934, John (or Lee) and Ella were divorced. I 'believe' John then migrated to California, worked and lived in the Benecia, CA WPA camp, and died in Yolo, California in 1956. 'IF' this is the right John L. Martin, his parents were William Martin and Mary Stewart, who were from Senatobia, MS (according to his death certificate).

Ella and John's kids were:
Henry Taylor Martin (1915-1981)
Jefferson Davis Martin (1917-1976)
William Modis Martin (1919-2001)
Lucille Martin Lorenz (1921-1986)
Annie Mae Martin Ward (1923-1982)
Mildred Martin (possibly 1924-?)
Mary Lottie Martin Tobleck (1926-1999)
Mildred Martin (1930-?)

Ella and John are my Great Grandparents.

Ella remarried in 1934 to Murray 'Pops' Wilkins in Greenville, MS. My Grandmother, Mary Lottie Martin met and married my grandfather in Greenville on NYE in 1942 at the First Baptist Church, in Greenville, so i believe they stayed in Greenville for some time, then they moved to New Orleans. Some of the family does appear in the 1940 census in Greenville.

I am trying to track down the family of John Lee Martin. I have searched ancestry and familysearch seven ways to sunday, as they say, and have come up empty on him and his parents. No marriage, no birth, etc. I have even visited the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. Part of my problem is that John Martin is a very common name. Also, i believe they were a very poor family, as the kids ended up in orphanages (can't find record of that either, just family word of mouth) because John and Ella weren't providing/caring for them properly. At one point, my grandmother, Mary Lottie Martin, was taken in by Nora Adams in Hinds County, where she resided in the Adams Tourist Court (her 8th grade graduation certificate lists her as Lottie Adams, it was in a set of papers i was provided by my dad!).

If there is anyone who has any information or stories about a white (although there are also family stories about mixed half siblings) Martin family, living in Issaquena, Sharkey, Washington (or even Tate!) counties, in the 1930s, i'd love to hear about it! I have done the ancestry DNA, and uploaded it to gedmatch and familytreedna, and there are some matches to me and my father (the Martin line), but we haven't been able to track down any family as of yet.

I would be very grateful to anyone with ANY information!
Thank you!
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S Coleman

Discussion  - 
Hi, I am looking for ancestry information on Robert Coleman and Charlotte Jackson.  They were born in the 1800s in Copiah County, MS
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Wow!  Well thanks!
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Debbra Brooks

Discussion  - 
Im looking for my GG grandparents family their names are Tom & Martha Jackson her maiden name Hunter out of Tallahatchie county 1930 census had them on Beat 3. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Dana Meeks

Discussion  - 
Looking for information on John Lafayette "Fate" Raney
Born 8 AUGUST 1870 • Calhoun County, Mississippi, USA
DEATH BEF 1958 • Webster County, Mississippi, USA
We know that he lived for 30 years off highway 9 outside of Walthall, MS. He's buried at Clarkson Cemetery, Fame, Webster County, Mississippi, USA Find A Grave Memorial# 139835143. And that he lived his last years in a county home in he area. Can't find the name of the County Home he was in. and We can't find his death date. Slowly finding tidbits on his children, who were placed into an orphanage after his wife died - Margaret Baker Raney (Born ABT 1899 • Mississippis, USA. Died1920 • Webster County, Mississippi, USA) Anyone with any information no matter how samll will be appreciated.
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The 1940 Census - last one where I found him was Unincorporated Dist Branch Of Bellyontaine-Montewesta - Webster county. 
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Douglas Rodgers

Discussion  - 
I am trying to find information about my grandfather George Edgar Rogers who was born in 1881 or 1882 near Ackerman or Philadelphia Mississippi. At some point he moved to Phillips County Arkansas. I have heard he was raised by his grandmother who was of Indian heritage. Any ideas or suggestions on how to find info is greatly appreciated.
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Jane Seamons

Discussion  - 
Looking for information on Joseph Joshua Williams b 1843 in Tallachatchie Co. MS d attala co ms. Who are his parents?
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I am trying to find information on William Leggett abt 1800 Georgia and Phebe (unknown maiden name) abt 1798 Tennessee. I know William owned land in Covington Mississippi. His children are: Jeremiah, Elizabeth, Sarah, John C, Washington, and Nancy. So far I don't know where he is burried and his wife, and I would like to know Phebe's maiden name. Thank you so much for any help you can give to me. I am new to genealogy and would love to connect with family n' stuff
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warlord kain

Discussion  - 
I am looking for any Information on my grandfather friley Webster. He is shown on one census in MADISON Mississippi with his grandmother Lucy Nolan. Any information on these two would be helpful. He also have a military record. 
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Chan Bradley

Discussion  - 
Looking for information on Frank Bradley born in Mississippi abt 1895- 97 married to Mary Alice had 9 children last info seen was 1930 census in Monroe co Mississippi. Also had a death of one son Perry who was killed about 1930 give or take ...Any info would be helpful .. Thanks
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Theresa Friday

Discussion  - 
Looking for information about the murder of George W Grayson by Thomas Covington.  Occurred 1853-1855.  Covington kills self in jail in 1855 as reported in newspapers. Would love to find court records of the trial
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Sharon Wright

Discussion  - 
I have created a free website for anyone looking for information on the history and genealogy of Quitman County.  Check it out at
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Kellie Wall

Discussion  - 
Hi! I am looking for information about Breedlove's in Tishomingo County.  My Grandfather was born there in 1909.  The family lived in Beat 4 according to census information.
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Family search
1892 miss enumeration of school children
father JS Breedlove
a daughter f Breedlove, 11 yo
a son , JW breedlove, 8 yo

1900 mississippi
Name Age
John S Breadlove 44
Martha J Breadlove 43
John W Breadlove 16
William H Breadlove 11
Mary D Breadlove 7
Kizzie M Breadlove 4

1910 Alabama Barton, Colbert, Alabama
Name Age
John Breedlove 54
Martha J Breedlove 53
Kizzie Breedlove 11
Willie Willis 9

1930 mississippi tish






Will R Swader Head M 45 Tennessee
Mary D Swader Wife F 37 (JOHN"S DAUGHTER) Mississippi
J Hiram Swader Son M 18 Alabama
Willie E Swader Daughter F 14 Alabama
Myrtle B Swader Daughter F 10 Tennessee
Henry S Swader Son M 6 Alabama
Gorge T Swader Son M 5 Alabama
Gerrie T Swader Son M 2 Alabama
Mary E Swader Daughter F 0 Alabama
John ? Breedlove Father-in-law M WIDOWED 74 Georgia

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Shirese Louie

Discussion  - 
I am looking for information on the couple Simon T.Turner and Martha Ann Eddins of Carroll County and their children/known descendants. DNA has matched me and my brother with several of their descendants. My known Lott and Holman families are living within walking distance of someone from the Turner/Eddins family in at least three censuses.
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Larry J Gary

Discussion  - 
Hi folks. Looking for information on Mary Lee Turner and William(Bill) Gary. They had a daughter in 1933 named Mary Lee Gary she is my grandmother. The lived in Greenwood MS. Thanks
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Denis Abbott

Discussion  - 
I have a cemetery on my property near Tylertown.  One gravestone says Desmond with birth date of March 4, 1898 and death date of July 3, 1904.  Then it days "Gone but not Forgotten" which is untrue as even the little guy's last name has been forgotten. I would appreciate any help and guidance to find out who the person was.  I am on but have had zero success in finding anything.
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Brian Easley

Discussion  - 
I'd like to add the surname EASLEY to the early area of Carroll County, Mississippi searches.

Two men in particular are of interest to me, who both seem to have been born in the mid/late 1820s and were first reported in the northern and southern divisions of Carroll County in 1850. They are my most distant ancestor, James Robert Easley, who was born in 1826/1827 and married Mahala Caroline Butler then moved to Vicksburg, and another man around the same age, John W. Easley, who was married to Lousia McKenzie and had two children (Florence and Julien) before he disappears completely from public record. They were both living in Carroll County in the northern and southern division in 1850 (Robert Easley living with the Ledbetter family and John W. living with his wife Louisa), both say they were born in Mississippi.

I was hoping maybe something could be found on who their parents were. No one has any idea about who these men are, or what Easley they came from. They also were both apparently river boat and steam boat pilots, I believe they were brothers or cousins, or something, and I believe their father most likely did the same thing, since that seems to be an occupation that is learned from father to son. The point is that my family have no idea who their parents were. We do know that they were Easley sons, since my yDNA came back as a perfect Easley match from several different companies.
I was wondering if there was any information on any Easley's in the Carroll County area in the 1820's, possibly someone who was a boatman or owned boats that brought settlers up river during the settling of Mississippi. It's just a huge brick wall for me, and I keep coming up with nothing paying genealogists, they just keep sending me back information I already know and can easily find on the internet. Was hoping I might have better luck with someone there on the ground in Mississippi. I need to find out who James Robert Easley's father was.
Anyway, I guess anything you can find on any Easleys or river boatmen around Carroll County in the 1820s and 1830s would be great. I don't even know what services are available, but this has been something that's stumped a lot of people in my family for a long time. Even if you know someone, a serious genealogist there in Mississippi, that you could put me in touch with, that would also be a great help. Thanks.
-Brian Easley
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