Hi, I'm looking for any information on a Alex Noah maybe born around 1820 this is just a guess.His wife was named Rebecca.My great great Grandmother was Adaline Noah.She married a Rufus Troutman.In North Carolina.Any help would be appreciated.

I am looking for any information regarding some of my relatives in Lauderdale, MS. All I have is the last names of Lards, Hooks, and Seals. I do know that same are buried in Antioch cemetery in Lauderdale, MS.

I am also looking for information regarding my GGrandmother Evelyn Weaver and her mother Elizabeth Stray(?).

I appreciate any information that you may have. Thank you.

I'm looking for information about my GGGrandfather (Major) George Gorman. He was a farmer in what was Lamar MS (Benton CO). Born in ~1788 VA. Married to Margaret Daugherty. They had one son, Paris.

I would like to find who his parents were. If anyone has info on that part of MS or the Gorman family that lived there please let me know.



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Thats my great great grandfather John Campbell October 16 1886 to March 16 1974 well his father is Simon Campbell about 1841 to 1918 and his father was John Campbell I'm trying to find out all about them they are from Watervalley Mississippi I don't know there were 2 slave owners in Yalobusha County by the name of J C Campbell and A man named A S Campbell my name is Johnnie C Campbell can somebody do some research for me??my grandpa name is Johnnie Campbell which live in Little Rock Arkansas he told me that my great great Grandfather John Campbell was mixed with White and Indian also I've seen in census reports that sometimes they spelled our last name Camel and sometimes Campbell and also it has them labeled as Black on the Census reports

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Looking for the Parsons in Jackson Ms
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My grandmother was born in Newton county,Ms in 1910,March 31. I have always been told by family elders that her parents were Native American. Her father was John Blackstone Jones and her mother was Mary(Mollie) Elizabeth Stuart/Stewart. I have been told that he was Choctaw and she was Chickasaw. I have nothing to document any history on them except recorded deaths. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I have ancestors from Lawerence and their last name is Lawerence. Did any Lawerences ever intermarry with Native Americans? It is showing up in my DNA and is not from any other part of my family.

Does anyone have information about the town of Point Mississippi from early 1900s? I am looking for information about my great grandfather Arthur Johnson. He worked on the railway near Point.
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