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One thing we love about our Boutique (and trust me, it was hard to choose!) is our $5 Jewelry and accessories!!
From earrings, bracelets, rings and necklace sets to head bands, hair clips and $1 kids jewelry, PaparazziAccessories has your accessories corner locked!! The best part about it all, is EVERYTHING is only $5!

The support of the company and upline is impeccable! It's like being apart of one big family. To top it all off, you can promote your jewelry your way, when, where and how you want.

Are you a kitnapper or hobbyist? Do you just want to make some extra cash part time or do wanna be a professional and make it a career?
Any way you choose, you can make your own hours. Be your own boss. Party! Party! Party!
Let me tell you what you get when you join:

• Free Website
• Only keep what you want in your inventory
• 45% commission
• Awesome products that practically sell themselves
• Full support of the Papa family
• You can sell from your site or order your own inventory
• Making extra cash can be as simple as having a get together
• Kits as low as $99!!

Send us a message or comment if your interested!!
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Though not formally introduced into the Boutique yet, one of the many amazing items we will have available is Charm bracelets, keychains and necklaces, lanyards, etc... from Charmsations™.

They are super awesome and affordable. There are over 100 different charms and quite a few different band and chain styles for customers to choose from.

The owner of the company is really hands on and involved with the Associates who sign up, so business support is offered and available every step of the way, plus I'll be around to help you climb high as well.
There's a 30% compensation but when you consider how affordable the products are, that's understandable!

Sign up fee is reasonable and for the rest of September, you can Sparkle for FREE!!

For more information, please comment or send us a message.

*The owners of TDDB are associates of Charmsations and are not employed or are employees of the company. All offers for signing up are offered by Charmsations™
Charmsations: Charms and Opportunity
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